Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Riled Up

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  1. Fucking a man. I love David.

  2. Hmm, I mean… if it were real, her friends aren’t going to say anything?

    They are just going to say, “David, you’re unbelievable.” That’s all they are going to say? No one is going to say, “Yes Ann, it IS a buffet.”

    It seemed sort of believable, that maybe she didn’t know that China Star was a Chinese buffet, although that’s really hard to believe, until near the end when he told her to just take it in.

    Set up much?

  3. Also, why in the world do you love David? You love sarcastic people making jokes are their friends expensive in a time of need?

  4. at their* expense* in their time of need*

    geez, that was fail.

  5. Yes, yes I do. Especially when they make their time of need as public as they do. Seems more like a need for attention than anything else and it’s not exactly the attention she was shooting for. Use the google or the freaking yellow pages if you’re actually being serious about that. Who seriously keeps track of the prices of vets putting down their pets? So yes, I was very much amused by David’s responses. Though I will give you the possible set up, because I feel like that happens a lot.

  6. Damn it I must be in a soppy mood because David’s a twat and I feel bad for Ann.

  7. I agree with BB on people’s need to ask such questions on Facebook. Seriously, if you’ve got time to log in to FB, you’ve got time to type the thing into Google. It’ll take seconds. The other day someone had ‘does anybody know PAYE stands for?’ as their status.

    Er, I know someone who might know. It’s called the internet. It’s new but I think it might really catch on.

  8. @verbalwurzel: You’re right, but I also hate that that tendency to default to Google has intruded into in-person conversation. When you’re talking with a group of people, and someone asks “what was the guy’s name in [some movie]?”, no one even tries to remember anymore. Even if they know it’s on the tip of their tongue, they just shrug and say, “Google it.” Doesn’t anyone realize how much more satisfying it is to come up with the answer on your own? It’s gotten to the point where if someone asks me to check Google, I just refuse to.
    Our brains want, need, and deserve more exercise than we give them.

  9. David may be unoriginal and unfunny but Ann is an idiot for falling for that one.

  10. WOW, just realized I wrote “The Google”. My bad. Just Google…plain regular google.
    I think it’s funny that google is now used as a verb too. It’s not “Go look it up on Google.” it’s now “Google it.”

  11. Google product search does not list euthanasia rates. The problem is having such a jerk as David as a “friend”. A real friend waits until you cat as dead to make jokes

  12. Sounds to me like Ann’s just a kid trying to save her mum a few quid. An idiot maybe but sweet.

  13. Shane, I hear you. I do get annoyed with Google’s role as the great leveller. Sometimes I just want a good healthy argument about who won The Best Picture Oscar in 1983…


    Oh f*ck it, I’ll just Google it.

  14. @Wilsonson, no they can google the vet’s around them and take the two minutes to make a call and ask. And true, he should have waited til she asked for a body dump site before referring her to the Chinese Buffet.

  15. David is an asshole. I see why y’all think it’s funny, and Amy is very stupid, but what about the poor guys at the Chinese restaurant getting calls about dead cats. I’m sure they realize what the joke is and I’m sure they’re not amused, and will be even less amused when she shows up with the cat. It’s one thing to make a joke at the expense of your idiot friend, but it’s another thing to hurt the feelings of innocent bystanders.

  16. slicingupeyeballs

    Ann, you don’t need ‘a good vet’ to kill a cat. You probably need a really bad one…

  17. I’m calling bullshit.

  18. Coyotes killed mine … try that.

  19. One of the Chinese or whatever restaurants where I used to live got busted for serving coyote meat

    Useless story of the day:)

  20. They use David’s name too much to make it seem legitimate.

  21. Anybody know what PAYE stands for?

  22. Poke And Yank Everyone

    No, eh

  23. @21

  24. @23 That explains nothing. Why should I pay as I earn? I want to earn as I earn.

    @22 Will do.

  25. @3

  26. Couldn’t she save $200 and just tie a plastic bag to the cats head

  27. @thisisnotanexit I really really really hope you’re kidding. That is sick.

    I don’t think any of this is funny. Making fun of the death of a cat or dog is disgusting, and when people do it, I don’t find it hilarious in the slightest.

  28. David is an ass.

    David is also funny.

    Since I don’t know David or Ann, I choose to accept funny as funny. Yes, this could all be true, but it could also be a set up. Or David and Ann are siblings who share and apartment and have never owned a cat. Or they’re married. Or they’re total strangers who aren’t even friends, but Ann’s privacy on her page is set to “Everyone” and David just happened to stop by after clicking on a friend of a friend’s page, wanted to check out Ann’s tits, found she had none, and got revenge by being a shit about her nearly dead cat.

    An sick cat in need of euthanasia is a terribly sad situation and I feel bad for the owner. A post on Lamebook is a post on Lamebook.

  29. That said, I’ll fuck the cat to death for six dollars. No extra charge for shoving it down the garbage disposal.

  30. Ahahaha.

  31. THAT said, fletch, you can marry me at any time now.

  32. Find a friend who has a pet snake. I’m sure they could use it. (Break its neck first, quick & painless.) The circle of life, ya know?

  33. Good. I am single, Lulz. Be you man or be you woman, you can be my mate.

    Sex with me does not always lead to the garbage disposal, although you are welcome to request it as an alternative (as many do).

  34. A new lamebook romance …. very cute guys 🙂

  35. lametothemin, I’m sure the Chinese can laugh at themselves, if they have any sense of humour.
    That being said, how does Ann know the cat has no chance? One should not make the decision to euthanize without proper veterinary consultation.


  37. vaginalroundhouse

    I just went doo doo in my pants.

  38. @36
    go on…..

  39. David fucking pwns…. you pussies….

  40. These chicks and their fucking precious cats.
    Cats are only one order higher than a rat in the natural selection depth chart.
    The Egyptians would sacrifice hundreds of em’ every day.
    They’d bundle them up and stuff them in jars (after ripping out their little kitty hearts,livers and intestines).

    And they weren’t in denial about it either.
    Or would that be….. in deNILE?
    (get it? get it?)

  41. @patton666

    “the natural selection depth chart” does not exist, and as a biology major I do know this. I can also point out that evolutionary biologists are no longer using the terms order, class, etc. and that the first thing you would learn in a univsersity level biology course is that there are no higher species and that evolution does not progress in an upward manner, from less complicated organisms to more. Therefore, cats cannot be said to be one order high than a rat.

    So, thank you for your comment that has absolutely no fact or scientific merit whatsoever.

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