Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday TypOhs!

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  1. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    J, yes, you would need to go the other way.

  2. Thanks, Joe! No one wants a cold retard, because, well, that would just be weird. Especially on Christmas…if you have a cold retard lying around, questions and eyebrows will be raised. Police get involved; it would be a huge mess. Then again, this is all just an irelephant ignant opinion. *shrugs* What’s more, my opinion may have been influenced by my bad mood. I had to waste ten extra minutes avoiding a black.

  3. I agree, if someone sent me a retard that wasn’t warm, I’d be pissed. They’re only entertaining while they’re alive.

  4. Lol at Facebook being fucking pathetic about this whole thing. Seems like Mark Zuckerberg is less Jesse Eisenberg, and more… a pathetic crybaby little fuck.

    I like the idea that he’s reading this, utterly incensed that somebody is daring to use a SIMILAR LOGO TO HIS GOD DAMN IT! Mainly for the fact that if he is I can tell him that your new Facebook e-mail idea is a complete and utter turd, your website is about as valuable to humanity as a pile of turds and about half as interesting, and Twitter’s better anyhow. At least Tweet-y people get shit done instead of whining and bitching about their relationships.

    Shit, I hope I don’t get sued for libel. I retract the part about ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ and replace it with ‘any generic Facebook employee’. If you work for Facebook and you’re reading this, it’s probably you. You cunt.

  5. If a black is coming towards me I’ll usually cross the street. Getting mugged sucks.

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    No, we have our retards cold at Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. Sometimes on the beach…

  7. One commentor in another post commented about how on FaceBook, there is no longer the page for LB which would post the newest post. I noticed that too. I bet it has to do with the suing bullshit..Jesus. Mark Zuckerberg is worse than..than..raw sewage+dog shit+ skunk+ the smell from a dead corpse combined.

  8. Wow Hobo… Feel better?

  9. I like Joe’s comment.

    Jasmine’s comment does not contain typos. That is just shit spelling. Big difference.

    J, did you really leave out a word? Hmmm…

    Good to see you, Hobo. And in fine form, too.

    fealkj, I know you’re not joking.

  10. vaginalroundhouse

    Black people sure love to use the word ignorant. Do they know what it means?

  11. Nice rant, Hobo. True that. I’m pissed I waited forever to get an account, suffered through all of Dan Fargis’s postings as well as various other things, and now this. Oh well, a civilization in decline is fun to watch while it lasts.

  12. @9 – I wasn’t joking. I’ve been mugged by a group of negroids before.

    I realize that not all of them are going to mug me, but I like to err on the side of caution. Big black dude coming towards me? This little white dude is crossing the street. Unlike that queer Vincent, who would probably run towards him. That little fruitcake worships BBC.

  13. @fealkj – You know the old saying bro, ‘fool me one shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me’. If I had been mugged by a group of blacks I would avoid them too. Why even chance it happening again.

  14. fool me once*

  15. ‘Irelephant’ is my possibly my favourite misspelt word on LB. And by ‘favourite’ I of course mean ‘it’s f*cking retarded’…

  16. an Irelephant valid dicktorian.

  17. I believe it is actually ‘irrelephant.’ Stop misspelling made-up words dammit!

  18. Only one ‘r’ in the one I’m looking at. Unless Jasmine’s spelling was so bad it broke the internet.

  19. Chicolini: Now I aska you one. What has a trunk, but no key, weighs 2,000 pounds and lives in a circus?

    Prosecutor: That’s irrelevant.

    Chicolini: Irrelephant? Hey, that’sa the answer! There’s a whole lot of irrelephants in the circus!

  20. doesn’t seem like J is that concerned about looking like a racist, letting his friends fill in the missing word and then simply commenting on the fact that it appears racist. i bet he self submitted too. what a wad.

  21. What is with all the one-letter names lately?

  22. I have the same problem with blacks. I have to walk an extra six miles most days to avoid blacks and my work is only 8 blocks away. Good news is, I’m pretty fit from all my walking so if they started chasing me I’d be fine.

  23. It may be irelephant, but there is nothing like a warm retard.

  24. I send all of you my warmest retards over the holidays! God bless us all, Every one of us! (except the retards)

  25. If I were a retard, I wouldn’t be a warm, friendly, Cory retard, who greeted people with a lively “Hellooe!!” I would be a grumpy, bitter retard. I would walk around in my underwear and Velcro sneakers but no pants and mutter swear words. And when anybody said anything to me, even just “Hello,” I would respond with a feisty “Don’t tellgh me what to dooo!”

    Ahhh, it could have been great. Why God? Why? Why couldn’t it be me??

  26. We all wish we could’ve been retards Walter…but no matter how hard you work, no matter how much paint you sniff and times you hit your head, we just can’t make it happen…oh dreams, sweet dreams.

  27. Someone made a comic based off of the “warmest retards” post http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/320/6/e/comic_1_by_exploding_zombies-d330469.png

  28. ^ 😀 who wouldn’t want warm retards for Christmas

  29. I’m going to the zoo tomorrow…. Where are the irelephants at?

  30. I agree with every negative thing ever said about Mark Zuckerfuck.

    Most idiot people use “ignorant” when they really mean “stupid and callous.” If you used “ignorant” correctly to one of these people–such as “You are ignorant as to how many seconds are in a gallon”–you’d probably get punched.

    The Blacks love that word, I’ve noticed. They also want “sarcastic” to mean “any negative statement, whether it’s sarcastic or not.”

    I would like to be genuinely retarded, too. Not non-medical retarded like I am. Total eye-slanted, super-strong, stupid-speech retarded, so Christian southern girls would act as if I were a real person and any rapes I committed would be passed of as “special spells.” No real harm done with my one-incher.

  31. haha, the last one actually made me lol. its been a long time since lamebook have achieved that.. 🙂

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