Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. thats rell lame

  2. dancesforcookies

    An abundance of intelligents

  3. lol

  4. Steve’s isn’t that funny… He just lost his grandpa, get off of his back about spelling

  5. Danny’s looks ‘shopped. The font changes…is Lamebook being lame again, or are the submitters that desperate that they are modifying the FB updates?

  6. I don’t know, I think “he lifed a long live” has a certain flare to it.

  7. I’m proud of Danny’s Mustashe. No spell check needed with that lip winter coat

  8. Agree with ohhellothere… I’m an asshole, but even I’m not going to make fun of the grieving

  9. I am suspicious of Danny’s as well. Maybe we shouldn’t look so hard for anomalies. Are intelligents is relly ruining all are fun!

  10. comment 1 & 2 = win!

  11. Rachel’s leter madness for some reason reminds me of the gir Doom song, in its repetition : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqcn_TPu4qQ

  12. yeah, steve’s isn’t all that funny. kind of low to submit that one.

  13. In firefox, you can mess with the fonts a lot. Therefore, I don’t have any issues with Danny’s submittal. Looks fine to me. Nothing suspicious here, move along please.

  14. FONT’s are FUN

  15. whoops, why did I put an apostrophe there? The underline and strikethrough didn’t work either. Ok, sorry, I’ll behave.

  16. That’s good for Trey, though it seems he most likely took after his mom as far as smarts were concerned.
    Poor Blake, you just reaffirmed Nicki’s statement with your response. It’s “I hope I’m going to do both.” you better hope real hard.

  17. English is my third language and I make mistakes sometimes ,it’s normal. But I refuse to believe that there are English native speakers who make such mistakes. Give Steve a break he just lost his grandpa…

  18. For a second there, I saw “boner roll” instead of honor roll. My head…

  19. At the risk of looking like a total jacktard, how the heck are people bolding words in their comments?

  20. I seriously got new glasses today, so excuse me if I am seeing funny. I know that you can change fonts, just not changing fonts within the same posting- it looks like 2 different fonts in the same post. Once again, maybe my eyes are jsut kooky.

  21. dawnstar, I think they’re just pressing a little harder on the keys.

  22. hehe, jacktard. It’s just using html tags. Sorry for giving away the secret, Soup!

  23. wordpervert, that was lol-worthy. I can see it now-
    “I tried it but I just get like TWELVE z’s in a row!! Ugh!”

    Thanks for the divulgence, mcowles.

  24. I didn’t realize I was being so shifty by using an alternate style to enter my comments. Man, it’s like an f5 tornado the way some people react to the words I insert. You all have the control to escape by just deleting me from your memory.

  25. [b]PREPARE FOR FAIL![/b]

  26. intelligents turns me on…

  27. @Desolation Row, yes, yes there are. America has people like that all over the place. And they’re vocal…

  28. oh, Soup.

    i missed you over the weekend.

  29. Ah, I thought it would be html tags but I didn’t want to try it and risk looking the fool

  30. Sorry, I don’t have anything more to contribute today. It’s been a big day and I’m exhausted (which probably makes more sense if I tell you it’s 9pm here).

  31. Wow, Blake is quite a moron, twice over.

  32. Rachel,why do have to add these extra ‘leters’ on everything? it’s Lucy not Lucyy! SMH. What’s wrong with you?

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