Friday, February 11, 2011

Not the Right Type…

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  1. wank

    and also, Stever (are we still doing that?)

  2. Apparently we are

  3. Usually, one syllable names aren’t common amongst strippers but I have cum on (near) Snow and Pringles..

  4. mass, what are you saying? Oh, never mind… but it does kind of sounds like you’re into your second dog beer.

  5. And I sounds like I’m at least at the end of my first, haha. But I’m not.

  6. I hate these stupid typo ones. we get it, people have typos. there’s no need to put them up every damn day.

  7. It bugs me with people do emoticon faces like (: and not :). It’s 🙂 not (:. Okay? get it right. ( is the end of a sad face. and It’s not ): either.

  8. ugh! see!

  9. I hate you buzzkillington

  10. And do you know WHY all the sailors were drunk? Because they were quartered on the PORT side.

  11. So now we can’t eat the _white_ snow either?

  12. #11 Don’t worry about white snow, it’s red snow you should avoid.

  13. @Buzzkillington: Maybe you should be MsCreativitykillington.

    My smileys are whatever I want them to be. Here’s a Ronald Reagan 7:^)

  14. Today is the day my granddad pasted away too, but everyday was spunk day to him, the geriatric, cum chucking old goon.

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