Monday, June 7, 2010

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  1. Leah’s roommate sounds like a prude.

  2. Why couldn’t she just unscrew (no pun intended) her tongue ring to untangle themselves? That makes no sense.

  3. Leah’s roommate is weird. I mean, who calls their friend’s mother to tell her that her daughter is masturbating?

  4. Leah needs to find a new roommate! what a crazy bitch!

  5. You’d think #3 would choose Rice a Roni, isn’t that the Fransisco treat?

  6. hahha, if my roommate did that to me, I’d want to die as well.


  7. Kiefer yesh. TMI.

    Blowjob fail.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    Shame it was so embarassing that she couldn’t say… oh wait, nevermind.

  9. Surely Brandon did not post that on his mother’s wall? Please tell me Brandon posted that on his gf’s wall, and his mother merely commented on it.

  10. Either way, Brandon sounds like a bitch.

  11. Brandon is Frodo. Bet he has a pool in his shire home.

  12. krasivaya_devushka

    I think it’s most likely on his girlfriend’s wall, and his mom commented on it. And his mom is just weird. “Too bad you’re my son, otherwise I’d marry you”…wtf?

  13. I miss working in the ER. Admissions like Kiefer’s were always good for a laugh.

  14. I just love the fact that Brandon’s mum wants to marry him, yet can’t spell her own son’s name! lol…

  15. I’m sticking with the idea that Brandon is talking to his mother.
    It’s more satisfying that way.

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    I’m not sure who Brandon was talking to, I got a brain cramp trying to read his post. If he really is getting Shakespearian mom love, that makes it cramp even more.

  17. leah was right. it was too embarrassing to put on facebook. she should’ve played it off though. no pics and it didn’t happen right?

  18. and the mom thing could be a joke. i mean they don’t have the same last name. i know people that have joke families made of friends on their facebook. they make lame jokes like that too.

  19. @SharkBait: Well done. Had to read that Rice a Roni thing twice. But everybody knows porn goes best with fried chicken.

  20. I’m with wordpervert, it’s way better that way!
    Lol that Bonnie can’t spell her son’s name.

  21. I think Bonnie CAN spell her son’s name but calling him ‘Brandson’ is a nick name for him. Being as he is her son.

  22. So “Brandson” has made more than one sweet talking post lately? Where is this hunny?

  23. 1) I would like to backhand Leah’s roommate.

    2) That deserves some LOLs

    3) Way to go, Francisco!

    4) That’s quite a disturbing comment you made there, Bonnie.

  24. PeanutButtercup

    Joshua has a point, why the hell post vague messages on FB and then say its too embarrassing to explain them?

  25. Nothing like a little mac n’ cheese to get ya going. I’m with wallytcw on this one though, I like my chicken with a little porn on the side! Yum, yum.

  26. @lexluther, not having the same last name isn’t really a fail safe way to know if they’re related or not.

    My mom, as whore-y as she was, had four kids with four different guys. My 3 older siblings got their dad’s last name and then I got hers. Not to mention if she’s re-married.

    Just sayin’.

  27. What a retarded roomie. Someone needs to get laid.

  28. Hahaha Kiefer’s comment about being ‘attached’ made me laugh, the actual thought of something like that happening made me cringe.

    Leah’s roommate is an idiot. Who does that, really? I mean, I can kind of see someone doing it as a joke in random conversation depending on the relationship between the two roomies and the mother, but I don’t think this is the case. At all.

    I don’t see a problem with vague messages over facebook as long as it’s not constant and attention-seeking though. It’s general enough for people to not have to know what you’re talking about and specific enough for people to know what you mean.

    Ugh, I should really stop trying to put thought into words. It never works.

  29. I agree with comment numero uno, her roommate is such a prude . Ladies have needs….also, it’s probably been covered but i am too tired to scan through the previous comments…who rings someone’s mum to tell them they’re feeling the man the boat? Bizarre!

  30. *the man IN the boat….It is definitely bedtime!

  31. PeanutButtercup

    But vague messages are usually attention seeking, they are waiting for people to ask them what they are talking about so they can go “oh no, I’m too embarrassed to say!” and then tell people anyway.

    Or maybe I just need new friends…

  32. I hear ya peanutbuttercup….although your name is making me want some reeses peanut buttercups mmm!

  33. I hear ya HOOPS, I just ate one about 5 min, ago. It’s like some kind of subconscious message, damn you PeanutButtercup. I’d offer one to you, but I’m a greedy bitch.

  34. PeanutButtercup

    Hey, I hear you both. Every time I come on Lamebook I’m reminded of them. Username fail 🙁

  35. I’ve never tried resses peanut buttercups but now I REALLY want to.

    If I was Leah’s roommate, I’d… have… Leah… kill me… wait, shit, I started this sentence wrong.
    Fuck it.

  36. PeanutButtercup

    Oh Hobo, you are missing out!

  37. @PeanutButtercup

    Do you remember that episode of Family Matters where Steve Urkel used “buttercup” as the keyword to arm his Atom Bomb? He offered Laura a peanut buttercup and they blew up Chicago on accident.

    Yeah… I remember that.

    (It ended up being a dream of Laura’s, because she felt guilty over tricking Steve into being her lab partner (pretending they might date, if she said yes)).


  38. Why is everyone assuming that Leah is a girl? From all the movies I’ve seen, if a girl roommate catches someone masturbating, they join in or watch to compare techniques or they both giggle and get out a rhinestone glove and pretend one of them is Michael Jackson while they play together.

    Ummm…. anyway, I think Leah is a guy. Too bad HIS mom isn’t Bonnie, or else this incident might open a door for what she’s been wanting since her son turned 16.

  39. It’s really annoying that I get moderated because of a link I attached to my name, and then 8 hours later it’s still not through. Fuck you, Lamebook.

    @lexluther, not having the same last name isn’t really a fail safe way to know if they’re related or not.

    My mom, as whore-y as she was, had four kids with four different guys. My 3 older siblings got their dad’s last name and then I got hers.

    Not to mention she could be re-married.

    Just sayin’.

  40. @chiiro

    Maybe if you didn’t call your mom a whore, you wouldn’t be moderated as much.

    Just kidding… but seriously… *huggles for you and your momma*

    I swear I’m a guy.

  41. lol

  42. yeah…i know how kiefer feels, thats happened to me 5 times, three of them we were able to unscrew it…the other two…well that was awkward asking her parents for a ride to the ER

  43. PeanutButtercup

    I wouldn’t know, not having a tongue piercing, but surely if it has happened FIVE TIMES you are doing something wrong?

  44. I know the story behind Leah, she left the door open and her roommate saw lol.

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