Monday, November 22, 2010

It’s Snow Joke

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  1. yawn.

  2. LOL that was cute.

  3. Yeah the bitches are laughing it up now….wait until cousin Rapey turns up with a couple of 5ft dildos, three pairs of handcuffs and two bottles of methadone.

    They’ll be laughing out of their beat up boxes then.

  4. Grumpy: All he needs is to cum…all he needs is to cum, cum. Cum is all he needs.

  5. Haha melikes. Grumpy is absolutely my first choice. He’d sure give you a good aggressive rant.

  6. I don’t like Grumpy, he’s too angry and cynical for me.

  7. Haha @Hobo 😉

  8. The only thing I really liked about this one is it reminded me of other “Disney” themed pornos, namely “Alice in Wonderland: An Erotic Musical Fantasy”. A porn that *mostly* stuck with the story (sort of), but really brought it home with the musical numbers.

    And while I agree that Bashful is probably the most flaming of them all, as has been said before, seven men living together is probably 100% gay. Yes, even Grumpy. He is the epitome of a “bear”.

  9. “but really brought it home with the musical numbers.”

    That’s funny.

  10. I don’t like Grumpy. I like BritishHobo.

  11. omg… so fake…

  12. haha omfg omg fake omg. troll. it’s funny.

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