Monday, November 22, 2010

The Family Plan

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  1. This photo is priceless!

  2. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwww hahaha

    An actual win 🙂

  3. this is old. really old.

  4. I’ve seen this loads of times. Oh well, maybe the next post will be better.

  5. I agree that this is old as have it as a favourite picture on my fb but still its amusing for those who have not seen it before and made me smile even though it’s an oldie.

  6. Had never seen it. It made me smile. I’d like to think it was done on purpose, which would make it even better.

  7. Ahhhhh….the thought of squirting my chunky, drug riddled seed into a submissive birds shithole never gets old.

  8. This picture has been circling the internet for like 8 years.

  9. Truth: Nuff said.

  10. Men that like to pound women in the ass are closet homosexuals. It’s ok to come out boys, in this day and age. And women that like a fat cock rammed up their ass are liars and shouldn’t be trusted. There is nothing in the anatomy of a womans pooper that causes any sexual pleasure. That would be the prostraste and a man only equipment. Just saying, cause I know, as a women, that I do not like the feeling of taking stingy, painfull shit over and over, and I respect fags, I mean men enough to tell them.

  11. Someone needs to get Imamofoed

  12. @wandr I agree. I could shove my big fat cock of an opinion up her arse about anal and gays, but I’ll let Imamofo handle it. Not worth the time for a lost cause who thinks that what they think of a situation is how all should think. Anything different is wrong.

  13. I lol’ed a bit.

    Wow, I think Loupy needs a high, hard one. Although, it does feel like you’re taking a shit, kind of.

  14. slicingupeyeballs

    The best lubricant for anal sex is tears…

  15. @ loupy,

    “Just saying, cause I know, as a women, that I do not like the feeling of taking stingy, painfull shit over and over, and I respect fags, I mean men enough to tell them.”

    WTF is this supposed to mean? loupy = loopy

  16. @loupy


  17. Loupy may be loopy, bit it is disconcerting to hear supposedly “straight” guys talking about ramming it up a girls ass all day long. Everyone does have an ass…

  18. Loupy may be extreme in her opinions, but she does have a point. I also don’t get the recent obsession with anal sex. However, each to their own… carry on.

  19. The answer to why straight men like anal with women is simple and a no brainer. It feels good. Since when did, “I like pleasure in this way” equate to homosexuality? I see the point. *kind of*

    However, a guy being gay isn’t just about liking it up the ass, or giving it up there. It’s about being aroused by the male body in general, including genitalia. It also has to do with falling for a guy. Same for straights. It has to do with the sexual, lustful side and romantic love side as well. If a woman like dildos up her, or being eaten out, or fingered, that doesn’t mean she’s a les. Now, if she secretly harbors a crush on a woman, or lesbian fantasies, that’s a different story.

  20. Keona, thanks for that deep ANALysis.

  21. LOL@zigs
    Keona, guys wanting anal with woman is about one thing. Power.

  22. @loupy – it’s not the cock in your arse you need to worry about it’s the knife at your throat.

    In your case you uptight scardey bum you, i suggest a vigorous anal fisting followed by a large dose of chilli powder poured into your bruised, muck smeared, gaping dirt box, after this encounter all other anal experiences will seem pleasurable by comparison.

    Imamofo curing the worlds anal virgins, one slut at a time.

  23. Hahahaha I was awaiting your response ….. better than I could ever have imagined. You’ve outdone yourself today. Now I’m away to hide because you’re getting nowhere near my fucking ass.

  24. I feel blessed for having read that…

    Curlybap, you wuss!

  25. Doesn’t he scare you – even just a bit? It’s a love/hate thing.

  26. Where would we be without him? I’d say we’d be a much TIGHTER knit group.

  27. 21 power, yes. But also about the pleasure.

    (hit enter too soon before) curly, may I hide with you as well, from Ima? He can be scary at times.

  28. Absolutely, so long as we keep the noise down.

  29. Not a word. 😐

  30. I dunno if I fear him, or wanna treat him to a dose of his own cure…
    He’d like that, I think.

  31. @Keona : Now I’ll have a mental image of mofo as Ima, the French Canadian singer. Somehow it makes him seem way less threatening. You might even consider coming out of hiding

  32. wandr, I’m not familiar with Ima, or anything French Canadian at all. I couldn’t find it on google. I shall continue to hide.

  33. Thanks Loupy. Please do tell us what we ALL like and don’t like since we are all exactly the same.

    Agreed w/Keona. Assholes are tighter than pussies and tighter is just better, plain and simple. But, there is a difference to men between shoving it in a dude’s arse and shoving it in a woman’s arse. [Femme] Lesbians don’t dislike having their pussy fucked by their partner’s fist or some phallic object, but they are not with men because they are not attracted to them.

    I don’t personally like a cock in my butt but a little anal play is good. Everyone is different, as we learned at like 5 years of age…

  34. This is Ima
    (I *think* she’s FC… but whatever)

    Get back in your hole quick before the beast awakens

  35. @curlybap, Keona and wandr: ahhh you three have done the literary equivalent of giving me a massive blowbang! One on my bell, one on my nuts and the last one tongue rimming my shit hole. (you’ll have to fight for positions amongst yourselves)

    If only there was a way to electronically shower the three of you in virtual muck!

  36. Ffs I’m now on the bus laughing away to myself like a maniac. Thanks you dirty fecker. For the record if you promise to lay off the anal fisting, I may consider the tongue rimming. Them other two can fight it out for the rest.

  37. I don’t fight, it’s undignified (is that even a word?).
    We can always take turns…

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