Monday, June 13, 2011

Keep It Simple

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  1. etownegeatgmaildotcom


  2. Looks like Maria’s hand is bigger than her face. She should’ve known cancer was coming.


  4. My 360 is black.

  5. But it tried to be white for a bit, until it went back to being black. It is also seen playing with small children. It’s obviously Michael Jackson

  6. What happened to this place! *facepalm*

  7. xbox has been black and white, and gets turned on by children. Sound familiar?

  8. Oh man, we still can’t type the c-word? Well fuck that shit right in the ass.

  9. That’s more like it hobo. Thanks old friend 🙂

  10. comparethemeerkat

    I like the second one because he tried so hard to be funny and it failed thanks to the new Xbox. Good on Microsoft for commisioning a black Xbox and making him look like a fool, like a FOOL!

  11. comparethemeerkat


  12. They were cheap and easy, but I still had a chuckle at 2 & 3.

  13. Yeah, the white ones were shit anyway, always rrod-ing. Or somehow were dog piss magnets.
    Insert a Once you go black joke…

  14. Keight is right

  15. I’ll be honest, the last two made me lol.

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