Monday, June 13, 2011

We’ve Got A Problem…

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  1. I think Stacey’s already been inboxed. Heyo!

  2. Super wins the best comment of the day!

  3. Ernie’s post is from Friends, though I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he might also just be that dumb.

  4. That joke is way older than “Friends”.

    Why do people do that stupid “INBOX ME!!!” thing? Pick up a phone, Stacey. Or even INBOX HIM YOURSELF.

  5. I’m guessing she just means “send me a PM” instead of “tell the whole fucking world”.. .

  6. I blame these people for the bad economy.

  7. Thank you @super for making me laugh out loud.

    I wouldn’t have even responded to Ryan. Kids these days. I agree with @idontknow. Something like that deserves a conversation over the phone. At least I private text if she’s not going to call.

  8. Maybe Ernie is waiting to find out their own gender to find out if s/he is an aunt or an uncle?

  9. I think the chick was impregnated by her grandpa, and baby Ernie has an Internet connection in the womb. The wonders of technology, eh?
    Only logical explanation I can see

  10. when I was born my father called his fathers house to tell them the first grandchild had been born and my favorite uncle picked up and asked the same question. My father said its a girl and my uncle moses ran around the room yelling I’m an aunt I’m an aunt at the top of his lungs.

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