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Smooth Move, Doc

Smooth Move Doc

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  1. I don’t know a single circumsized male that wishes he still had foreskin.

    Did someone call my penis a “floppy tool” up there?

  2. @ JR-that’s fucking hilarious!!!
    @ Carolyn-I agree.

    I’ve seen this argument go badly on other sites-everyone has their opinions.
    When I was doing home health I had elderly clients who had some difficulty with hygiene and there CAN be problems resulting-I say that as I’ve seen it.
    I have nothing against the procedure.If you’ll excuse me,I’m going to go sacrifice foreskins to appease the gods now.

  3. @mcowles

    I don’t know a single circumcised man who would randomly volunteer that kind of information. What kind of guys do you know!?

  4. “Oh hey man, I just wanted you to know, I really don’t wish I had a foreskin”

  5. why is it that parents feel the need to share that kind of crap about their kids? Awesome, you reproduced, get over it. No one cares about your baby’s penis or if he poops twice a day or whatever.


    Just a little non-partisan research. I think it makes a good case for the relevancy of circumcision. Pros outweigh the cons in my opionion.

    * Easier hygiene.
    * Decreased risk of urinary tract infections.
    * Prevention of penile problems.
    * Decreased risk of penile cancer.
    * Decreased risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

    * Surgical risks.
    * Pain.

  7. I tell everyone I am sorry for being. I will go suck AnonisGay`s uncles cock now.

  8. Take the nail clippers Canaduck – you might need to snip him.

  9. @ Mary # 15:

    ” I don’t have a problem with baby posts; it’s what the parents choose to say! Seriously, NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT A CIRCUMCISION.

    Parents (and I am one): try posting NOT lame, real accomplishments. ”

    You know that you TOTALLY contradict what what your saying right?? Your just a CUNNED STUNT. You shouldn’t have been allowed to reproduce. I feel pity for your child.

  10. * Easier hygiene.
    – Marginally. You pull the skin back and boom, same thing.
    * Decreased risk of urinary tract infections.
    – Fair enough, but good hygiene decreases the risk also.
    * Prevention of penile problems.
    – Phimosis is not very common, and can be fixed with partial
    circumcisions and other therapies. Studies on ED have been
    * Decreased risk of penile cancer.
    – Removing an ovary at birth would certainly reduce the risk
    of ovarian cancer, wouldn’t it?
    * Decreased risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
    – Again, fair enough, but one should be careful for this kind
    of thing anyway, no?

    In the end, I would argue that we evolved to have a foreskin for a reason, right? Circumcision isn’t the brutal practice people are making it out to be, but if it were my son, I’d be against it. That it became so automatic in the US was based on post-Victorian germophobia and sexual repression, thinking that circumcision was inherently more hygienic and curbed sexuality.

  11. ive heard cut guys sayd theyre curious bout what it woulda been like to have foreskin cuz the sex is better even though it doesnt affect how long they lastbut theyre glad theyre cut fore aestetics. most cut guys ive talked to like it and just scrub alot. one guy had that problem where his dicks too big fore his foreskinwhen its hard so it tear when he has sexif shes too tight which is almost always since he is infact quite large/ the tip of his foreskin when it tears looks like when really chapped lips when thsi happens. he wants acircumsision. he prefers one big cutover sex every other week so he has time to heal. just thoughtid share

    oh n for uOCD ppl out there.imcomfy inmybed in a position thats not the best for typingplus i just ended the work week of doingnon stop doublesand came home to a party myroomies were throwing so whatevercomplaints u have bout speleeng, gramer or enytheeng els, u can take it and shuv it…im so not in the mood for erasing mistakes n retyping them. believeitor not writing a whole extra paragpah on this seemsmore restful *NOT* ok i think i might be halucinating now goodnught…or morning

  12. Circumcision is vile and ABUSE. You people who support it are disgusting and DO NOT deserve children.

  13. Chantal stop being such a drama queen.

  14. Looks like Katie picked a hell of a Mohel.

  15. CMD

  16. “ive heard cut guys sayd theyre curious bout what it woulda been like to have foreskin cuz the sex is better even though it doesnt affect how long they lastbut”

    I’ve always wondered about these claims. I can see myself being a bit more sensitive if I had skin covering my head, but I would also assume that it would directly relate to how long I could last.

    Being a guy who has been circumcised I really have nothing to complain about. Sex to me feels great, I cannot imagine it feeling much better. I cannot remember the process happening, therefore I really feel it had no impact on my life even though people claim it to be barbaric here.

    I also however do feel that it is totally an unnecessary practice. With proper maintenance there is really no benefit of not having the extra skin.

    I will most likely however have my male children circumcised so they don’t feel different if they ever end up seeing me. I really think it would be hard for a kid to understand why they are different than their father.

    Just my two cents on the subject.

  17. “Being a guy who has been circumcised I really have nothing to complain about. Sex to me feels great, I cannot imagine it feeling much better.”
    LOL it does, you’ll never know though because yours is fucking ruined.

  18. So they got a bunch of uncircumcised guys together to have sex and rank it on 1 – 10, then circumcised them and got them to rate it again?

    I’ve just heard the claim made many times, but wondered if there has been any actual research into it besides some hypothesis. I just feel that this would be a tough experiment to monitor and measure.

  19. Eeew.

  20. I’m cut and I wish I had the choice to keep it or cut it. I’d never cut it! All the claims that its better to cut (clean, health, etc.) are ridiculous. What about all the guys from Europe and Asia that have NO problems whatsoever? And I know quite a few Latin guys as well (like 97% of Central and South America guys) that aren’t cut and they have never had problems. And as for the religious reason, it’s still a horrible thing to do to a person that has no idea and no say as to what you are doing to them. It’s wrong. Simple. NO parent, MOTHER NOR FATHER, should have the right to do what they want to their baby just because they are the parent. What would you say to those who perform female circumcision for religious, or any other reasons? A practice that has been banned. Anyway, there is nothing I can do about me being cut. I’ll never get it back. BUT speaking out against it is a big help. I wish I had never been cut. I like the way uncut looks. It’s natural, but I’m ok with the way it looks now (again, nothing I can do about it). It works really well and I get no complaints from anyone.

    All that said, cut or not, why do people feel the need to include the world on their mundane lives as parents?! UGH. This was also just a gross thing to put out there. Who wants to think of a babies bleeding penis?! EW!

  21. i think i remember reading something about how sweden is most sexually satisfied country, and also how they do not allow infant circumcision unless absolutely necessary.

  22. Seriously, does nobody else think this woman actually meant ‘circulation’?

  23. umm…number 68, mike…the foreskin has 2/3 of the nerve endings of the penis. scientific research doesnt include polls, polls are considered statistics that arent based on controlled research (even with placeabos its hard to do). but what they can do is take a group of 100 uncut guys who have (for arguments sake) 90 nerves in their penis and compare the amount of time to a group of 100 guys who are cut and only have 30 nerves in their penis and conclude that the foreskin doesnt effect longevity. (my sisters a scientist at colombia :)) this is also partly how they conclude that sex is better(scientist call it a diff word than better tho) for females. we have i thinka few thousand more nerves in the clit than the whole penis combined. brain scans during orgasms are also compared and females use almost the entire brain whereas males use a small portion (its quite entertaining to watch the doctors try n be professional while sum1s having an orgasm in a catscan lol)

    i think im gonna change my name to long winded. sorry guys :/

  24. @Carolyn

    Hey Carolyn you ignorant bitch… how about I come over there and cut the hood of your clitoris off with a pair of scissors and no anesthesia? It’s just a clitoris after all… it’s not like you need it or anything.

    I bet you are a hypocrite too and are appalled by female circumcision…


    You don’t know a single circumcised guy that wishes he still had a foreskin? Well shit I’m sure that’s a representative sample so we can all rest assured… circumcised guys don’t know what they’re missing. By the way, how many uncircumcised guys do you know went and had their foreskin cut off?

    It is NOT “just a bit of skin”, just like your eyelids are not “just a bit of skin”. It is there to protect the head of the penis. There are NO health reasons AT ALL, that weren’t invented by religious nutters, for circumcision.

    To anyone who thinks circumcision is “healthier” – tell me this, how did humans not die out in the hundreds of thousands of years all those men were running around with foreskins?

    In fact why did we and every other animal with a penis develop them? Couldn’t be to PROTECT a very sensitive area, could it?

    Only absolute retards think having a foreskin is unhealthy. I’m not surprised to see the sentiments expressed on Facebook… I AM surprised to see it here. Seems there are just as many tards here as there.

  25. It’s true that it’s a bit of skin and that it has 2/3 of the nerve endings, but some people do it for religious reasons. The Jewish community does it for the religious reasons and that’s important. TRADITION! That said, it’s hard to wrap my mind around cutting off my son’s nerves…

  26. What are these ‘religious reasons’ that validates this act without question exactly?

    Circumcision has been around for thousands of years, and was originally practiced by the Aboriginals and tribes in North Africa and the middle-east as a kind of right of passage into manhood. The practice of its history is cultural and everyone born in the middle-east was circumcised as a custom in ancient times, not just those who were born Jewish. These customs were rejected during the enlightment in Europe, but carried on in other parts of the world.

    It was only the religious fervour of the puritans in Europe and the USA that validated it again, arguing that it curtailed the sexual urges of young boys and would make them ‘pure’. Many of the advantages that we still hear about are born of the propogations made in its favour during this period.

    Nowadays, there are seldom any risks attached to circumsing males due to the advances made in medicine and technology, but it is just so unnecessary, and its not really an excuse to say that Jewish people or Muslims do it for ‘religious reasons’, and therefore it is okay, as though that can excuse anything.

    I’m not anti-circumcision as such, I just think it is really unnecessary and outdated, and a little strange.

  27. I didn’t say it was okay. I am Jewish and I don’t really want to circumcise my son. That was my point. I don’t think it’s okay, but when you have faith and it’s very important to you, cutting out traditions and ceremonies is hard! I don’t want to ignore traditions, but I am aware of how this makes sex less pleasurable for men. It makes things complex.

    Either way, I think that the child should have the say in it. You can raise a child Jewish and then let him decide later if he wants to be circumcised, but then you have an adult circumcision which is much more painful. I don’t know what to do here. I don’t know what’s right or appropriate. I was just putting my two cents in. Didn’t need a history lecture.

  28. Circ’d Pakistani guy here. Went and browsed a bit at I can see the merits of their stance.
    Personally, I’ve never had complaints from the women I’ve been with.
    I’d argue with the assertion that circing ‘makes sex better’… for whom? I mean if it makes me more sensitive maybe I won’t have the control to last as long as my ladyfriend needs me to (considering how sensitive I am as is). And I enjoy wonderful orgasms on a regular basis, and I’ve had some mind-blowing ones which have made me feel like i’m vibrating on God’d own frequency.
    Oh and BTW muslims are also ritually circumsized.
    I do see the barbaric/atavistic aspects of the practice… but i know I’m quite comfortable sans foreskin and don’t feel like i’m missing out on anything.

  29. Poor baby :((((((

  30. @ willow:

    I think she meant exactly what she typed… she spelled it correctly for it to mean anything else. I don’t have a problem either way whack it or don’t whack it. It’s a family decision…however I do think she was talking about the penis not the blood flow! LMAO!!

  31. People do circumcisions on infants because the kid can only cry and won’t yell “what the f*** do you think you’re doing to my d*** you god damn ****?!”

    A baby also probably won’t attack them. Probably. *Probably* !!!!!

    (beware of psychobaby)

  32. My son was born without eyelids. We sent him to a pediatric plastic surgeon who was able to circumcise him and use the foreskin to make eyelids for him. It worked out very good, only problem is that he is a bit cock eyed now.

  33. ** and blind too..

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