Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kirk Can’t Keep Up


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  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!


  2. The word moronic springs to mind

  3. Third!!! OMG!LoL!
    Is this 4 real?
    Ppl need 2 realeyes that talking trash like this on fb only makes u look retarted and immature. Cant believe some ppl think its apropriate. Why even b friends with someone who you h8 so much? Kudos 2 Jenn tho–she seems to know what da time is.

  4. Jeez – they’re all pretty uptight. I think they all need some sex.

  5. Good one, Alex.

  6. He needs some new friends.

  7. Jennifer is an idiot.

  8. I need a gun, asap.

  9. @AnonisGay

    I find it very hard to believe it is the Lamebook renowned AnonisGay who left that comment. AnonisGay usually knows how to spell, but more importantly I don’t see any mention of any taboos such as sex with uncles. Also the use of “da”…what the hell AnonisGay!? What the hell?

  10. humor

  11. Always a bad sign when you can tell from a pixelated photograph that someone is dog ugly.

  12. Fake.

  13. Misspell whores?

  14. Alex is a comedy god.

  15. @Joel
    Jennifer is an idiot.

    ……as opposed to everyone else…?

  16. “fuck outh”?

  17. All of them must be sterilised…

    except Alex.

  18. “I do swing both ways, when I’m on the swing” Hahahaha, Alex is my hero! 😉

  19. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    i know kirk. he’s an enteprising individual.

  20. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    he’s also enterprising

  21. He’s neither

  22. What’s this obsession with sex? There are other ways to entertain oneself. For instance, making cupcakes to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek.

  23. I enjoy Alex’s last comment.

  24. 5c?

  25. Notice that he doesn’t deny the part about being a pedophile lurking around schools; just the part about the ex girlfriend.

  26. These seem like awesome people to hang out with on the weekends. Especially Alex.

  27. what just happened?

  28. From what I gather this is the second lot of Brisbane fags getting screencapped and submitted in as many weeks. Fuck I’m sick of this city.

  29. so much failure, so little time

  30. I really ejoy the last comment, it seems approriate to wrap up that argument ” )

  31. The maturity seeping out of this conversation is almost as obvious as the semen seeping out of Kirk’s penis everytime he passes a daycare centre.
    I’m just waiting for one of them to come up with another gem and follow it up with a “nya na na nah” with a thumb up their nose.

  32. I think alex might be the funniest man in history, kudos to him.

  33. Yay Alex!

  34. What is 5c?

  35. 5c = 10p?

  36. file under: all my friends hate me.

  37. Please don’t procreate…..ever.

  38. Way to go Alex for lightening the mood once again. xD

  39. Alex made it for me at the end, ha.

  40. 5c: Five cents, “Five Cent Hooker”
    Fuck Outh: they mean Fucking Oath, see also “Bloody Oath”. Australian saying, used as an exclamation or to agree with someone.

  41. Also: ‘Valley’ is probably Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, a dingy club area where one can find women of ill repute.

  42. Once again this site leaves me severely embarrassed of Brisbane. Oh well… Time to drive my ute to the Valley and take pills!

  43. I like Alex.

  44. i like alex too!

  45. not funny.

    Would have been good had the burns been delivered properly.

    Firstly Kirk said “my gf CAN keep up” and not “my gf can keep IT up” as proposed by Alex and certainly not the “my gf CANNOT keep up” proposed by Jennifer.

    This was a bad post. Doesn’t deserve the ‘lame’ tag.

  46. i like swings. (:

  47. This just hurts to read. I think my eyes are bleeding.

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