Friday, December 15, 2017

Work It Girl

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    Put the phone down, woman.

  2. You better make it ass cleavage.

  3. Or you could just be an adult and own up to the fact that you broke the law in some way. People like her hurt those women, myself included, who want to be treated equally to men.

    I was lazy and didn’t get my tags renewed. I got pulled over. I cried because I have anxiety and it’s what I do when I get stressed. I informed the officer (an older male) that I wasn’t trying to get out of the ticket, I just cry when stressed. He gave me the ticket. I went to court, like a responsible adult, and didn’t have to pay any fine, because I took care of my tags before my court date.

  4. Women need to WAKE UP to not being this way. Men are way too easy… and women are much too vulnerable to being abused. Slight or severe, ANY abuse is NOT GOOD… and this type of action (above) just perpetrates the continuing vulnerability of other women. You can see that starting to change in the news alllll the time. But if a woman uses her sexuality with the intent to impress, or get further in life…… she CANNOT claim abuse later. CANNOT

  5. Didn’t they just post this on Friday?

  6. I think it’s ‘John Na’.
    It’s a guy.
    A big-ass sweaty guy in a dirty vest, with hairy upper arms.

    “Cleavage don’t fail me now !!!”

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