Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday TypOHs!








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  1. Doug FTW.

  2. Those poor gifts. I’m sure there’s a helpline for Alison and her unnatural urges

  3. SeeBea,
    You have disappointed me. After all of our (our meaning you, myself, Svetlana, psycho ed etc) shenanigans last night with our little tadpole lorne, you reveal your secret identity to be one of a fool. I have to agree with Hurting on this one, you really let your immaturity and lack of sensibilities shine through and let your inner ‘FIRST!’ retard out.

    sigh, a little bit of respect for you died right here today

  4. You know, the more often I see these collections of horrible spelling (if you could even call it an attempt that is), the more I believe in the “conspiracy theories” that the fluoride in the water is dumbing us all down.

  5. I think that it’s sad that some people today can actually believe that speaking as though they have “twit-shortened” everything they say is an acceptable form of communication.

    If they ever read anything aloud without transliterating it, I believe that they’re heads would explode from the sheer insanity of the thing. Either that or they could stand next to the car window and take your order at McDonald’s without you knowing that they weren’t coming through the speaker.

  6. We need a ‘First!’ rehab page for those commenters who like to be first all of the time! Visit, type first and post, refresh page and repeat step two. Get it out of their systems.

  7. @Insane
    Honest, I will never ever do it again. Though I do think it’s kind of funny.

  8. It is a little known fact that Shakespeare, Tolstoy, JFK and Mother Theresa all found their inspiration while taking pictures of themselves and eating McDonalds.

  9. Lamar is Lamer.

  10. @SeeBea: It is kind of funny. I also thought that for those who sit in front of their computers hitting refresh in their internet browser every minute, waiting for that chance to get that sweet first post, I thought a ‘first rehab page’ would help them to get it out of their systems. I have seen you do the first comment once, so I wouldn’t say the rehab page would be compulsory for you.

  11. I just finished my raping gifts as well, I see them as a positive for the girls I meet.

    So yeah you got raped but here is bracelet…

  12. Adele just failed at owning Eryn. Lol

  13. i think Hanna didnt graduate high school and is bitter, doug’s post is actually kind of cute in an awkward way, and i want to be on the Adele side of a lamebook joke :p

  14. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Adele and Veronica pretty much summer it all up

  15. @FlapjacksAreAmazing:
    They are destined to achive greatness

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