Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tough Love

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  1. yeah, you did Daniel

  2. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    lol homos

  3. Bi weekly? Fail on Texas Roadhouse’s part, I odubt you pay your employees twice a week.

  4. actually “bi-weekly” is the correct term for “every two weeks.”

  5. Actually, in British-English it means twice a week, and fortnightly means once every two weeks

  6. Well I somehow doubt Texas Roadhouse uses “British-English,” so yes, biweekly can mean every two weeks. It means both twice a week and every two weeks, same as biannually means twice a year or once every two years.

  7. I agree with ariososweet, Biweekly means twice a week. And Douchetastic, biannually never means every 2 years, you’re thinking of biennially.

  8. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Yeah, semi- would be used if something happens twice in the stated period. If you’re paid semi-monthly, you get paid twice a month (e.g. the 1st and 15th) but if you’re paid bi-weekly, you get paid every two weeks (e.g. every other Friday).

  9. Biweekly can mean every two weeks.

  10. Why is she friends with Texas Roadhouse?

  11. Either one (in both cases) in now considered correct, owing for common usage. And ‘biennial’ is equally interchangeable, as well. Kinda like ‘irregardless’ – it’s still a double negative but thanks to the grand order of dumbasses out there, they’re all accepted because there are far more stupid people who refuse to give up the heavy yoke of ignorance. (I’ll spell it ‘yolk’ if you can understand it better, though!) Ha!

  12. biweekly

    1. occurring every two weeks.
    2. occurring twice a week; semiweekly.
    3. a periodical issued every other week.
    4. every two weeks.
    5. twice a week.

    Dictionary.com Unabridged
    Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011.

  13. She could have posted that on the Texas Roadhouse Facebook wall. And they decided to reply.

  14. You’re right, I messed up biannually. I wasn’t thinking of biennially, I just wasn’t thinking right at all.

  15. Biweekly is every 2 weeks. Semiweekly is twice a week.

  16. I’m glad we had this nice little vocab lesson, but I’m more concerned about how you end your gay relationship on Facebook by “accident”

  17. I thought the mum one was sweet.

    @rachetwench; we haven’t reached some final evolved state of English, usage defines and changes language, otherwise we wouldn’t have variants like British/American/Australian English, etc. Dictionaries are just a guide, they change to suit usage, not the other way round. Sometimes I agree that it’s annoying though, ‘innit’ just got into the Oxford English Dictionary ffs…

  18. “I need a gf mum” Lolz

  19. biweekly means twice a week. SEMI-WEEKLY means every other week.

  20. So two conclusions here, you people either (A)- Don’t live in the USA or (B) Have never had a job. I am going to go with (B) because most of you spend way to much time on here. If you are working in the USA they will either pay you biweekly or monthly. If you get all excited and go out to your mail box twice in one week expecting a check you will be sorely disappointed or very angry with the innocent mail man/woman.

  21. biweekly means every two weeks…..not twice a week. who gets paid twice a week? seriously, people……

  22. Well, bi-weekly can mean both twice a week or twice a month. Most people use the term “bi-monthly” in reference to such things but that too can mean both twice a month or once every two months.

  23. I’ve got to give it to Rebecca. She’s honest and she does her homework.

  24. I love the ambiguity of the English language. Bi-weekly meaning both twice a week and two weeks… it’s bizarre and brilliantly confusing.

    I’m guessing it’s only really used to describe two weeks in the US.

  25. So if I want to fuck my goats biweekly, should they be worried or relieved? Does it depend if I am American or not? Or working?

    How will I ever sleep at night?

  26. I thought Bi-weekly meant you got to fuck one of those vapid stupid cum sponges who try to make themselves interesting by saying actually i’m bi i fuck men and women when in actual fact they’re just a daft bastard who’d run a mile at the sight of a gash…. once a week

  27. Twice a week or every other fortnight i mean.

  28. it’s amazing how the basic intelligence of humans has dropped like a brick of month old shit.

    20 years ago this debate would never have happened.

  29. So if Damien does get a GF and she promises to give him head biweekly, he’d better hope she’s British.

  30. 🙂 Ladyda

  31. Words are not fixed-value integers. If I walk past a bus shelter every day with my friend and refer to it as a shed then whenever I say “let’s meet at the shed” he’ll know where I mean. Words mean what you mean them to mean, and what other people think they mean, and nothing more. Equally if I refer to my college interview panel as “wicked” then if I got in, wicked means “cool” and if I didn’t get in it means “evil”. Context peeps, context.

  32. I don’t know how people can argue with the dictionary.

  33. daniel and benjamin <3

  34. Christ! I have never before heard anyone in the US actually say “biweekly,” they say “every other week.” I wonder if this Texas Roadhouse is located in another country, kind of like how we have Outback in the US with a distorted view of what Australia is like.

  35. @jenniferrrrr I went to Outback steakhouse in Oregon, USA and as an Aussie I found it to be very sterotypical.. then when I got back to Aus 6months later there I spotted an Outback steakhouse.. It was the same layout too.. so it disturbed me to think aussie let it go ahead.. but thats just how we roll.. very layed back aussies are

  36. Seriously, don’t people read the comments before they post theirs? That bi-weekly stuff… Wow. It’s quite obvious that the word has a different meaning in GB, than it has in US. Why on earth do you keep fighting about it?

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