Monday, August 30, 2010

DysFUNctional Families

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  1. I like Emily. That is all.

  2. Charlotte Sometimes

    emily better not be serious. i hate bratty kids, and she is the ultimate brat.

  3. Flush-a-roonies Emily … Flush-a-roony

  4. Too… much… lame…

  5. meh…..(skips delusional rant)


  6. So the baby was heathy… does that mean she was covered in toffee and chocolate?

  7. Bo made me laugh. Out loud.

    Puerile, I know.

  8. Emily needs her ass kicked and so does her mother if that’s how she’s being raised.

    I assume Jeremy is Dad? Is that him in the picture? What is he, 11?

  9. dirtylittlepretty

    i hope the mother breast feeds that baby, because looking at that wall is going to have ‘it’ seriously jonsing for some boob!

  10. I don’t care for Jeremy.

  11. Flush the godd*mn toilet Emily. Then think about the spider having survived and crawling back up the pipes with vengeance on its mind to bite your ass.

  12. dirtylittlepretty

    @mad2physicist I think you are giving Emily too much credit…the girl seems unable to do anything for herself…once she defecates on her hands how in the world will she flush??

  13. Surrounding her with her love. Damn! Grandma musta had a huge vag!

  14. In the last one, except for the carpet, they have the room’s colour scheme working perfectly. Even the girls in the picture match. Good job.

  15. They say you should decorate a baby’s room in a manor in which the child will be able to keep it as they mature. They’re just setting him up to last into his teen years. Hopefully, the door has a nice secure lock on it too; hate to walk in unannounced…

  16. Comments, I agree, and that’s some real “to the manor born” stuff right there.

  17. wtf is that shirt hanging up on the wall in the nursery? a chinese marching band uniform?

  18. Wordymyperv,

    “To the manor born”? I googled that and it talked of a British TV show – is that to which you were referring? I’m intrigued…

  19. MsBuzzkillington

    I think the crazy yellow wall is going to be more traumatizing than anything.

    Also, flush the toilet. That spider gave it’s life so you could go to the bathroom. Be thankful, sit down and pray his friends don’t come back at night and eat you.

  20. It is, Comments, but it’s also an olde worlde saying of sorts – being born into wealth and privilege.

    My joke was lost on you. Bugger. That almost never happens.

  21. Wordy,

    I’m not 100% on today (having a shit day at work), I say we blame that.

  22. Okay, so CommentsAtLarge doesn’t get a headache from wordperverts joke, I will explain.

    A “manor” is a stately home where posh people (stuck up wankers) live.

    It would have been more accurate to have said, “decorate a baby’s room in a manner in which the child”


  23. Type-o fail on my part (again I say not 100% on today), thank you for pointing that out to me.


  24. Man. That crib looks like a cage.

    And why can’t she just piss on that spider?

  25. Passive enjoyment of this site has been sufficient…until reading Emily’s nonsense. She and her mother need to spend about an hour bitch-slapping each other into oblivion. As for the spider, Emily, flush… you ridiculous idiot.

  26. I had a great grandma and she was a wonderful woman, but old lady smell is not a good thing. Eau De Dusty Sauerkraut should be replaced with Eu Tha Nasia.

  27. Sigh. Emily, Emily, Emily. What a chop.

  28. Word, in keeping with my name I should point out that the expression is actually “To the manner born” Manor was a pun used in the title of a tv series.
    See Hamlet: But to my mind, though I am native here
    And to the manner born, it is a custom
    More honour’d in the breach than the observance.

    There you go, mindless pedantry and a bit of culture combined. I’m a full service wanker.

  29. Chapeau! Mr Pedanticoldgit.

    Wankerness achieved 🙂

    ’tis no place for Hamlet on these hallowed boards.

  30. True, the only culture found around these parts is generally growing in the bottom of an old coffee mug.
    Nice to be appreciated. Unsurprisingly I don’t have many friends 🙂

  31. Thanks, POG. I stand corrected.

    Feel free to continue with your pedantry. It’ll keep us bastards honest.

  32. Looks like some poor bastard just lost his man-cave. Sucker.

  33. Emily needs to be smacked in the face. or be thrown a slipper at.

  34. Ugh, I just want to cuntpunt Emily.

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