Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Try Again

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  1. Where’s Walter these days?

  2. what is fucking wrong with these chicks? it was not so long ago that, if our twat stank, we would fucking wash it – not google it.

  3. ^ Haha!

  4. That vagina stank fail was just on Lamebook under a different person’s name like three days ago. Lame.

  5. ^Maybe there is a bug in the air.

  6. christopherlovet

    That might explain all these bad cunnilingus experiences I’ve had lately.

  7. gurl, you nasty!!!!

  8. if it smells like provolone leave it alone!!!

  9. Google *Out of soap/cheap hippie/so fat I can’t find my vag


  11. ^ Damn, will someone put it out of its misery already?

  12. what? who? MsAnne’s vag? TTF? or the smell?
    …so confused!

  13. not fucking tell you, asshole.

  14. I meant ToTheFlames, SLG.

    It’s just sitting there opening and closing its mouth like a fucking goldfish. I think it has serious brain damage this time.

    The humane thing would be to put a bullet through its head, but there are strict gun licencing laws in Aus, so I need a yank to come in, all guns blazing. Any takers?

  15. Oh I’m sure we had the smelly fanny conversation here in the old days. Someone might be able to refer you to the post.

  16. just kidding Bacchante..! No, not a sepo, can’t help ya with guns. Got some good knives though…and you know what they say…guns for show, knives for a pro!
    Plus you get to get up right up close and personal and see the light go out of their eyes when you do it with a knife. Good times.
    Seriously though, murder may be an over-reaction. Even though TTF does seem a little broken at the moment. Just a thought.

  17. chaosinthebuilding

    We just got a whole of US marines sent to Darwin .. 😉

  18. chaosinthebuilding

    whole heap , I mean …

  19. darwin hardly counts as australia.

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