Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Important Punctuation

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  1. Finally! A witty and original lamebook post. Nice!

  2. it is terribly witty and original, is it not? hoorah for everything!

  3. Uh… Lamebook has posted this before. OLD.

  4. ^No shit Sherlock.

  5. Lazy bastards. What are they doing over there in Texas, anyway?

  6. ^Correct.

  7. Some

  8. ^ Fuck; I came too soon. More to the point, Lamebook is talking about me AGAIN, I see. Honestly, I’m so boring. Just stop.

  9. ^Do you do that often?

  10. that is a mean way to treat Tyler’s coming out. What a homophobe.

  11. must be about time for some timeline pictures. we love those.

  12. This could be because English isn’t my mother tongue, but I’m having problems understanding WHERE would you put a comma in there? Fucking, a dude? Fucking a, dude?

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