Monday, April 2, 2012

Filling You In

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  1. Wow…TMI Ashley. Seriously fucking TMI.

  2. Ashley doesn’t realize that she has a midget living in her vagina. He’s been there for two years now, and he’s built a cottage and bought a lawnmower.

  3. ^ funny as fuck

  4. how old is that queef girl, 11? how do you not know what a queef is.

  5. Not everyone is a pervert. It makes perfect sense that someone wouldn’t know what a queef is. The only reason I know is from South Park.

  6. I wonder if Eden realizes that one tampon won’t last for the entire 5-7 days.

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    She’s trying to leak proof her ass.
    I fail to see how tampax is responsible for her inserting large objects and ripping her colon apart…

  8. There is a girl in my son’s school named mo’queepha.

  9. Does her mother make $74/hour by working from home on the internet?

  10. I too post very personal/embarrassing problems on the internets

  11. @jacqbone .. I laughed straight out loud. Good stuff!

  12. the herpes dude, they should show his name. he doesnt deserve to be anonymous.

  13. Some people don’t deserve to live.

  14. Aussies and Brits call them fanny farts. But being that in America a fanny is an ass, it doesn’t really translate. A fanny fart being just a regular fart is so weird to me.

  15. Not so word. I don’t know anyone that uses fanny fart in aus. We all say queef. That being said either use a smaller vibe,stop being a whore and do pelvic floor exercises bitch

  16. You may not know anyone that uses it damagecontrol, but fanny fart is most definitely widely used in NZ and OZ, I’ve heard it much more often than ‘queef’ (not that it comes up that often).

  17. Fair call balk

  18. I’m in Aus and everyone I know uses fanny fart. Never heard of queef myself.

  19. What kind of fooooool?! hahahahaha. Hillbilly post!
    #8 – That is hilarious! Mo’queepha
    Fanny fart is more commonly used – fanny fart or fanny wobble :p

  20. Lol welcome back Sam.
    Meh I’m surprised I don’t hear it often. I run a pretty rough crew lol.

  21. In New Zealand if a girl queefs we tell them to go to Australia, we only want tight pussys here.

  22. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities


  23. You kiwis have women?… Surely sheep don’t class as that?. Besides you’re all coming over here.

  24. I like your style giles

  25. and by ‘girl’ you mean, ‘sheep’ right?

  26. Hey dc 🙂 Been busy. Check in on the comments everyday though.

  27. oh look – a queefing cunt.

  28. See how you have been missed Sammy.

  29. Queef is, unfortunately, not in the Scrabble dictionary. And it would have been on a triple word score.
    Unsmiley face.

  30. ^like

  31. Oh, how I wish we’d adopt “fanny wobble” in the States. Unfortunately, there are already lots of fannies wobbling here.

  32. Why do you think all your governments buy our sheep, its extra tender and marinated for all you assholes.

  33. ^why not? lets just throw something completely fucking random out there into cyberspace. good work giles14.

  34. Queef? Never heard of it. Fanny farts all the way. And @damage – the “bitch” comment referred to Ashley and not the lovely word right? I’m having too good a week to have to go slapping people.

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