Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Morons





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  1. ally sounds like she was being sarcastic.

  2. Please tell me people aren’t really this stupid. I cant be real. This makes me want to go hide under the covers and wait for the inevitable apocalypse. And Ally go get drunk and have yourself some anal sex cause. Thats the only way you’re gonna learn. Waking up with a sore ass next to a stinky bar pick-up should stop the next idiotic question you got brewing.

  3. @Me: If it makes you feel better, I’ve met dumber people. lol

  4. caesar salade – the most dangerous health food on the planet.

  5. HA! 1 and 4 are my favorite.

  6. Really? I buy that these people are this dumb.

  7. People are definitely this dumb.

  8. The other day my friend said she didn’t know where to go to see land octopus’s.

  9. at least she spelled Caesar right.

  10. I like Megan’s professorial “important distinguishing characteristic.” Make a note, Ally. This will be on the test.

  11. took me waaaaay too long to figure out the first one meant a seizure. i was thinking someone had a caesarean section done.

  12. @ The one: Ive wrote this one here before but: My younger brother once said Kermuffins when he wanted to say Comeuppance.

  13. HAHAHa Wonder who gets to be the first to school Ally in the differences!
    lol @9
    @ME are you speaking from experience??

  14. Hail Seizure!

  15. @tntmicrophone: She didn’t spell Caeser correctly, her phone did.

  16. Stop the press! Class was held up because a freshman had a Caesar Salad?? LMFAO @ JGold!

    I hope Rebekah was joking. Otherwise I am going to beat her to death with a Mathematics textbook!

    @Me: Kermuffins! Gold!!! Damn Simpsons!!!

  17. @fluffernutter… yeah, I wasn’t aware it was supposed to be seizure until I read your post. All I could think of was that the freshman was drinking a Caesar at school…

  18. I’m sure ashley meant to say : seizure, tho she is a moron… .. and dont ask if im the stupid ally in the last one…

  19. I wish I knew an Ally in real life.

  20. hahaha, just call it “sex”!!! is ally’s hymen still intact then? =p

  21. bill murray’s a zombie! i thought we all knew that.

  22. i am so confused about the 70 days age difference one. how does one even come to that conclusion? so stupid.

  23. @sarahmargeurite
    I’m pretty sure that she subtracted 20 from 90 and got 70, then didn’t realize that one was in days while the other was in years.

  24. @ Insane: After he said it we asked him where in the hell did you learn that. He tried to blame it on Homer Simpson saying thats where he heard it. We didnt believe him. 🙂

    @ Gruss: Hell no. People like her need to learn things the hard way. Like when kids need to touch something hot to learn what hot means.

  25. Ally was unaware of the practicing of vaginal sex. To her, “anal sex” was just a redundant way of describing regular sex – which may be believable in certain cultures. However, the fact that Ally is already 32 years old and a member of the West Virginia Episcopal Choir, is a tad unsettling.

  26. Caesar/seizure … bill murray/brittany murphy … days/years … anal sex/sex … so easy to get things mixed up with the information overload culture of today. Happens to me every day of the hour.

  27. @hilarity_ensues, you got that right!

  28. @ Mark Lee

    Maybe Megan found out the hard way.

  29. @Me: I am so glad I had never used the saying before reading your post. That could have been embarrassing :O. Well you have shown me the gift of being vagilant when hearing expressions on tv. Thank you.

  30. @Insane: He’s a dumbass though. I love the kid but he just ain’t that smart. He thought the commercials for the movie 2012 were real. The ones about the The Institute for Human Continuity. If I was meaner I would have told him to look into applying. Ive done some dumb shit in my life but his are always epic. 🙂

  31. @Antarctic Circle: Love your humor hahaha

  32. @Me: LMAO! It sounds as if he is a barrel of laughs! You’re so lucky!

  33. @ Insane: He is so funny though. I could go on and on about his misadventures.

  34. Even if Rebekah had actually got that age difference right, she’d still be an absolute retard. There are old people, and there are young people, it’s not amazing, it’s just how it works you moron.

  35. i love how she capitalized ‘Caesar’

  36. When I saw Caesar the first thing that came to my mind was the drink (containing vodka, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and clamato juice), not the salad, and certainly not a seizure.

  37. so she meant seizure and not Caesar??? ok im gonna go with that…

  38. J gold & Antartic Circle, FTW again. 🙂

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