Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deadly Disses



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  1. What? Are they seventh graders or something? Such a fail… -_-

  2. Fat Baz from Brum sounds like quite a catch.

  3. I hate it when people use fake “my *relative name* is dead” stories so that they can make the other one feel bad…It’s so obvious that it’s a lie!

  4. Fat Baz lives down the road from me, He’s not a catch at all

  5. It’s things like this which makes me glad I dont feel guilt

  6. nobody says ‘mom’ in britain

  7. Sometimes the ‘my *relative* is dead’ isn’t a lie lol.

  8. The problem is too many people lie, especially when they have been dissed and cannot find a suitable comment to defend themselves. This leads to *so and so* is dead/had been dead for so long now. This is more than likely why I stopped caring and kept going with the disses. So Aaron FTW!!!! I would also like to add that if I do get punched in the face, it means they have genuinely lost *so and so* and I am rather quick to apologise.

  9. I really can’t stand people who spell sex “secks”. Argghhh mature already!

  10. I thought the ‘your mom’ comments are stupid and old already. It’s overused, but apparently quite popular still. People usually who don’t have good insults revert to using ‘your mom’ as a one. Meh, whatever.

  11. Alan is definately lying because Izzadora asks “was he fatter than your mom?” This clearly shows that Izzadora has indeed seen the mom in question. She’s just trying to figure out if it’s possible that anyone could be as fat or fatter than Alan’s mom because she’s yet to meet anyone that big. Alan felt so hurt by that comment he replied in haste. If he wouldn’t have been blinded by hurt he would have remembered that Izzadora and his mom were just at the all you can eat buffet a few weeks ago.

  12. @tamedshrew, not neccessarily. I doubt if someone had actually seen someone’s mum who was quite fat he’d actually call attention to it as that is blatently rude. And the “your mum” joke was just trying to be funny.

  13. I like turtles.

  14. haha, that’s definitely lame stating your mom died after a your mom joke.. i mean way to ruin the joke, keep your sad feelings to yourself!

  15. Well,to be honest, in the case of Aaron and Chris, Chris asked for it. His comment was random and unnecessary.
    I like Aaron’s comeback

  16. yea my mom died a couple years ago and you just can’t respond to your mom jokes like that. It isn’t personal so get a grip

  17. lol, this reminds me of when i start “your mom” jokes at work. my coworker replies, “your DAD!” about 90% of the time and i have to keep reminding her he’s dead and then she feels bad. i think it’s quite hilarious. especially because she’ll try to run through all these other relatives that are also dead.

  18. is it bad that i laughed when i read ‘my mom died when i was born’ i feel like a horrible person

  19. Chris was a jerk first and then tried to make Aaron feel guilty for having a comeback. I guess it retaliated a little…

  20. Izzadora: From giving birth to your fat ass?

  21. I’m an orphan.

  22. these posts are crap today

  23. To be fair – fat baz whilst being quite a sizeable bastard has nothing on some of the chunks that you guys have in the states.
    That bloke in Texas that had to be removed from his own house by having the wall cut out???
    In comparison to him a night with Barry would be like shagging a xylophone in a bag.

  24. In comparison to him a night with Barry would be like shagging a xylophone in a bag.

    Fantastic! Thanks for the good belly laugh, Ruby!

  25. now I am curious, am I IN the bag WITH the xylophone having sex with it? Or am I having sex with a xylophone while IT is in the bag… hmmm

  26. Haha Kaoss! Think rib cage/skeletal… sex with a xylophone would just be painful!

  27. not if said xylophone was wrapped in a bag… of flesh. But then that’s just creepy.

  28. dependent upon the angle you could knock out a decent tune.

  29. Was loving this page until the shagging a xylophone in a bag bit, and now I have the phantom pain of the bruised pubis I got regularly from that rather vigorous skinny girl . . .
    Ruby, I don’t know about a “decent tune”, but there was certainly a consistent 4/4 rhythm pattern to it: unf, unf, unf, ow! unf, unf, unf, ow! etc.

    While svelte women tend towards a natural elegance, and are unsurpassed as a form to drape clothing gracefully upon, they do have some contraindications. I’d rather hit a moderately sized gunt than go through all that boney pummelling again.
    And it’s been a while, so . . . has anyone got a number for Barry?

  30. Or your mom?

  31. I salute Aaron’s persistence.

  32. aponting389 – Brummys say ‘mom’ hence the relevance to fat baz in Brum

  33. touche 13F… is this your bra size or the number of your ward?

  34. Aaron FTW.
    @Antarctic Circle yeaah fucking a xylophone would definitely hurt like shit. not that i have any experience, of course.

    i hope Chris gets headhumped – i hate it when people try to make the other person look like a douche bag for their own profit. get a grip.

  35. HAHAAH, Zombie Kid 😀

  36. My Mom is dead, but don’t feel guilty, really.

    And Zombie Kid, all is well.

  37. thisistotallymyhat

    My friend played Amy in Fattest Man in Britain!

  38. @ Thesaurapist 13F: +61738921111. Please, do enjoy 🙂

  39. Alan thought The Fattest Man in Britain was ‘hilarious’ so he loses this entry.

  40. #6 actually, in Birmingham, they do. All my Brummie friends say/write “Mom” as opposed to “Mum”, but it seems to be a very localised thing.

  41. Aaron’s final rebuttal is magnificent in that he just continues with the joke, after the guilt trip has been attempted.

  42. REALLY? Wow…

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