Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Over the Line…



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  1. @46: Just leave, now. What you just said was wrong and idiotic on so many levels.

  2. I find photos and comments like these two the funniest on Lamebook (and blurring out the dog is a quality move!) but I don’t know why I bother reading the comments from you lot. Strange how a site dedicated to humour has drawn such a bunch of liberal lefty, boring, humourless members.

  3. Especially you, Marc.

  4. Well, Douglas. It’s not your Sister, for a change.

    That child does seem to have at least one hand too many.

    @sensible madness. And Chuck E Cheese (a la Hangover)

  5. @Xavier: Seeming as how you seem to have a fluent understanding of the plural of male genitalia, would it be also safe to assume you also know a fair bit about Bukake’s?

  6. i actually laughed most at the dog’s eyes being blurred out.

    DOUGLAS, you fuck ! this is gross.

    ‘Oh deer!’ LMFAO walterreally 😀

  7. @Gank: I’m a Left of Centre Liberal and these pics hilarious as they challenge where the ‘line’ of social acceptability lies. Taking context into account, it is obvious that Adam does not really want to bone a kid as posting something like this and meaning it in a public forum would result in a lengthy jail term, however his shocking challenge to societal norms meant that I found it very funny. All the great, fresh, exciting comedians over the decades have challenged where the ‘line of acceptability’ is and nudged it as far as it can go.

    The right wing is populated by conservatives and christians, and believe me, they want the line of acceptability pulling back to humourless biblical times. Come and join us on the Liberal Left – the jokes are better, we don’t have to go to church, the drug and alcohol fuelled parties are sweet and the better looking chicks are waaaaay more likely to do filthy things in bed.

    The issue here is not left or right, but people getting a little too serious about interpreting a joke out of context.

  8. @ Mercure. I’m with you all the way

  9. The down side to joining this leftist utopia is you have to give up your manhood and become a pussy. That would rule out your point about hot chicks, cause they already have a pussy… they dont need another one. But congrats on being brave enough to point out how the “line of acceptability” has been pushed so far because of the left being such radicals and freedom fighters! you are a tool. Go look into suicide.

  10. savage the downside of joing the conservative creationist mindcontrolled society is you have to accept that at one point during childhood you will be penetrated by brother John,Jack or Paul at your local church.

  11. The photoshops are never funny.

  12. @Mercure:
    I’m not sure if that is where they really want it. I think you mean they want to pull it back to Puritan times. Bible times were pretty wild. Lots of parties over at the taxman’s house, women spiking guys in the head, and guys peeping at girls in the bath.

    And as far as better looking girls. I’ve dated on both sides and the hairy unbathed commies are not nearly as appealing as the fresh well trimmed preppies. Either way, you have to over look the idealogy, one wants lots of goverment control and the other wants more more government control, and I just want to get laid.

  13. @savageh: For a right winger, I am surprised that you are such a fan of recycling… recycling the “they don’t need another pussy” gag on this site is novel, especially as I have used that line in a previous post.

    Don’t they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

  14. is the deer’s penis blurred out as well??

  15. Augh, who shoots a fawn? I guess the same guy who pretends to sodomize it.

  16. That’s not a fawn, that’s a full-grown doe. You can tell it is a doe (girl deer, for those of you who have never left the house or watched Discovery Channel or Bambi) because it does not have antlers. Or a penis.

  17. rotflmfao at the dog’s eyes being pixelated! FTW!!!

  18. there are 3 hands coming out of the kid and a big blur on the right side of the second picture… also where is the information of where this phot is from it has absolutely no captions but a big gap then a comment from this kid adam…on facebook there is always something in between the phot and the comment…right?

  19. I’m so shocked right now.

  20. ContactRoastingMachine

    AHAHAHAHAHA I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG LONG time….. that second picture, and the comment…. oh, my, god. SO FUCKING FUNNY.

  21. I’m confused to why people are taking these pictures seriously when both are clearly photoshopped. Really? No one noticed the missing person in the second picture where a large adult (probably female) hand is picking the flower? Or the fact that the color on the guy in the first picture is completely off from the rest of the picture?

  22. By the fuck! These photos are fucking are real and no matter what you say it doesn’t change the fact that they are real!!! Grow the fuck up!!! *pokes out tongue*

  23. Kenada made me laugh hard with the dog bit. lmao And what is it with the ‘It’s photoshopped because that pixel, this tree, those hands’ people? I feel sad for people who use lamebook to feel intelligent about themselves. lol

  24. worst_episode_ever

    the first one doesnt look photoshopped to me.. but anywas protecting the dogs identity was brilliant

  25. 2nd photo is funny, comment is terrible, but to that protect dog identity, wow! ;o)

  26. That second pic should have been sent to the POLICE not to lamebook.
    It doesn’t matter if it was photoshoped or whatever. Adam is a fucking pervert.

  27. That boy is too old for that to be pleasurable.

  28. the deer thing is HILARIOUS.
    Note for anyone stupid enough to think it’s real: It’s not.

  29. Real as in him having sex with the animal. Not as in being a real picture, because I’m almost certain that’s an actual shot, no photoshop.

  30. i just laughed because the dogs eyes are blurred. lol : )

    and the comment from Adam up by the photo… kinda disturbing.

  31. The deer thing is just gross and disturbing.

    But not nearly as bad as Adam’s comment. I really hope this pediphile is reported and added to the sex offender registry before he has the opportunity to hurt someone. That comment is beyond tasteless. One would have to be screwed up in the head to even have a though like that cross their mind, much less to actually post it.

  32. This is probably what happened….

    The dandelion picture with an adult person in the pic was posted on facebook, then Adam commented, then the person who posted the pic replaced it with the photoshopped version where the adult was replaced with the kid.

    So it was just somebody trying to make Adam look like a dick.

    Alternative theory is that somebody hacked his account and posted the comment out of spite, but I think it’s more likely that the pic was changed after he commented.

  33. Holy shit about the dear. Man, isn’t it enough you killed the thing, now your going to disrespect the kill!! Shit, thay guy is fucking warped.

    However, the pedhile comment, made me lauhg, as fucked up as it was. Really hope it wasn;t in earnest. Jesus

  34. ok. I just made this account so I could respond to you eccehovenweep.

    The pedophile joke was funny to you but a funny deer picture was over the top?

  35. Caramel_Princess

    ….. No.

  36. I love how the dog’s face it blurred out in the second photo. Lol.

  37. The things Douglas and Carlo do on brokeback mountain for entertainment is just… Over the line. Keep it to yourselves.

  38. seaborgiumJadee

    I went looking to see the flanel joke made @28….
    Did Lamebook blur out the deers nuts?

    Lamebook you’re taking this animal protection thing too far.

  39. @seaborgiumJadee – It’s a doe. It has no nuts because it’s female. Fail. Though, as for what you think is pixelating, I thought so at first, but after looking at it a bit more, I doubt so. Just some good ol’ hanging fleshy stuff methinks.

  40. oh. my. god.

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