Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Parental Share N Scare

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  1. I would’ve guessed, “d” – all of the above.

  2. They should stop feeding that kid highlighters…

  3. i was going to comment on how awkward the first one was.. but now i just want to puke

  4. Not being a mom I’ve changed very few diapers, so forgive me for asking, but is that a normal shade of baby poop? Because the diapers I changed were not that…..yellow…

  5. slicingupeyeballs

    Ewwww, that IS disgusting.

    What sort of plonker wears their phone on a belt…?

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    It would be ok if Tom and Angie weren’t so hefty looking…

  7. The 2nd one was just stupid and disgusting. I mean seriously; who wanted to see that? Baby poo pictures are fucking gross, no matter how ‘cute’ their parents think they might be. We don’t need that shit on Facebook!

  8. P.S. Tom looks like the kind of dad who would say that. He also looks like the kind of guy who should be happy as hell he’s married because otherwise there’d be a good chance he hadn’t gotten laid since 1989.

  9. Damn, Brian, you got a fat ass.

  10. Thanks for the warning (not), I was eating breakfast! 🙁
    Great blurring of Tom’s profile pic too.

  11. Hey Assholes,

    nobody wants to see your kid’s shit. i understand that to you, your baby is precious and everything it does is amazing and wonderful and special. but to people with eyes, it’s disgusting. Stop putting shit on facebook, literally.

    Sincerely, Shinsplints

  12. But ohemgee it’s natural and stuff! NATURAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!

  13. @ blondebimbo -breastfed babies poop is indeed mustard yellow.

  14. I think the parents who post pictures of baby poop think they deserve some kind of medal for dealing with it. Every parent has their fair share of nasty messes to deal with – it’s just these asshole parents thinking they and their baby are more special than they actually are. NOBODY wants to see that. Yuck.

  15. Children are disgusting.

  16. @hpcan- Thanks! Wasn’t totally sure. Yeah the diapers I changed were kids on Gerbers at that point.

  17. lol at #5 😀

    blondebimbo I think hp is taking you for a ride, the parents wouldn’t have a MCQ on it if it was an everyday thing. Their baby must have eaten a Simpson, eating mac n cheese to come out with that!

  18. Yuck. I don’t know, I think the point for the MCQ was to show the idiocy of the father for tracking it throughout the house, not so much the color of the poop.

  19. #1…. Umm, okay. But after reading it three or four times I now believe that he literally meant “riding horseback” as in riding on the back of a real horse. The term makes no sense [to me] as far as a sexual position. I think he just innocently over-abbreviated the plans for the day…I hope.

    #2… EW!!! o.O I’ve seen some mustardy-looking diapers from my daughter (they especially look like that when breastfed) but…. OMG just WOW. I think a slightly older sibling slipped that baby some ACTUAL mustard.

    @5 LMFAO I was kind of thinking the same thing before I read the pic’s comment and found out what the yellow shit was (pun not intended).

  20. Hope that shit don’t stain his white capris!

  21. Shelly, as far as I know it means having sex without a condom.

    And Jesus Christ people. Shit pictures on facebook? Please nooooo!

  22. Weird to want to make a sibling for a girl who’s old enough to type. Didn’t you have enough of the shit-stained years?

    I dress up my shit before posting it. Always looks nicer to put it on a tasteful plate and add a garnish.

  23. Hmmm no, I think that’d be riding bareback. He meant something like that anyway. I’m sure someone here will set us straight!

  24. The horse back thing that Tom is nattering on about is a sexual reference as in… we’re having sex…I’m a fat cunt the size of a fucking horse….she’s riding me.

    ‘Hey I’m cool I wear my I-phone at my hip, I look like a cowboy with a holster, i’m down with the kids..oh no it’s covered in shit!’

    It’s ok Brian you looked like an uptight, stupid fucking cunt before your sprog shat on it, the ‘battery acid’ baby shit just enhances the look.

  25. ironyispredictable

    @Imamofo- You’re a douche. Crawl back into the cunt you came from.

  26. irony, i actually like mofo, because he makes me laugh and is, in fact, a mofo. no false airs or pretense with him. he lets you know what he is and then follows through. unlike me. i’m not actually shinsplints, although i do cause discomfort in people.

    lol @blonde, “it’s natural!” i love when people say that. my period is natural, do the people who post pics of baby shit want to see that too? i say we show some REAL mess!

  27. @Shinsplints, Nooooo joke girl. I’m a natural bleeder, you do not want pics of my nasty used tamps up on FB. “Natural” is a bullshit excuse. Buuuullshit…which coincidentally is natural as well.

  28. If Imamofo wins at being a mofo, is he truly a mofo?
    I wouldn’t say I’m in with the “Internet crush on Mofo” crowd but…dude you rock!

  29. My baby’s shit isn’t yellow. And a baby might shit anywhere from 8 times a day to once every 10 days. And trust me, when they start storing that shit up, those little diapers don’t stand a chance at keeping that tidal wave at bay.

  30. @ironyispredictable – I can’t.. I tore her womb out with me when I was born, so I could be raised as an only child and be spoilt. I am a douche..a big, massive, chunky spunk douche.

    Now that’s out of the way, lets have a big hug and make up, i promise i’ll cut my nails before probing a finger up your crap crevice.

  31. Aww Walter she had the baby – congrats 🙂

    @ironyispredictable – how can you not make up after that? Sweet.

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