Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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  1. STEVER!

  2. slicingupeyeballs

    We don’t have Jews where I live.
    What are they like…?

    I only have Mel Gibson’s and Hitler’s views on the matter…

  3. Wow, having known the existence of Amy, David and Courtney, it’d be hard to ever say Hakuna Matata again.

  4. I’m sure David was being facetious…

  5. “Amy, you’re a moron.” FTW. So far, that’s my favorite from today. LOL

  6. I’m wondering in Amy was making fun of Jamie’s spelling of Hanukkah…if so, I love her.
    But there is really no excuse for Courtney.

  7. These posts are actually very amusing.

    I just noticed the Lamebook Legal Fund Progress thingo on the right of the page. I’m trying to estimate how much they’ve got so far. Not much, by the looks. Now, give us a few more decent posts, boys, and people might be more inclined to throw you a few bucks.

  8. I love The Lion King too, if anyone cares…


  9. Jamie is a humorless moron.

  10. Lyshia must have named her baby Hanukkah because it was a product of one of eight crazy nights. (and before someone says anything, yes I do realize it’s not the baby’s name)

  11. no, jamie pretty much had it right, alijacket. amy is the moron. jamie could have a very fun sense of humor. we’ll never know though, since what amy said wasn’t funny.

  12. Hakuna matata, potato latke.

  13. ^^ lololol

  14. Courtney double fails; even if Lyshia was having a girl (named Hanukkah), neither a changing table or a bassinet is a gender-specific item.

  15. Sorry, mamalumps, but you just failed.

  16. How so? (Other than my spelling/grammar which tend to be atrocious.) I assumed her confusion is about the furniture since she does not seem sure which gender the “name” is associated with.

  17. mamalumps – I’m pretty sure that she was picturing Hanukkah as a girl’s name, so that’s where the confusion came from.

  18. David rocks!

    If Hanukkah wasn’t a holiday (or a well-known one… “WELL-KNOWN” I said *clears throat loudly at Amy and Courtney*), I think it would indeed be a pretty name. 🙂

  19. Doesn’t anyone care about Kwanzaa anymore? It’s all Hanukkah jokes these days. And if I see that Adam Sandler video posted one more time I’m going to set fire to people. In an oven.

    But, yeah, these were funny. Good job, LB.

  20. Kwanzaa is a complete fail in itself, no need to make a joke out of a joke. A pathetic attempt by an African American to incorporate Africanism into the African American society. The creator, Maulana Karenga (born Ronald K Everett)has no understanding whatsoever of the culture he so struggles to emulate/promote. Also, no one in the East African society calls themselves Maulana, because that is a name only associated with Jehovah, Almighty, Allah or just plainly, God! The black community is so serious about a day like Martin Luther King Jr day because it actually means something, just like Hanukkah is significant to all Jews, Christmas to Christians, Eid to Muslims etc. Kwanzaa, as significant as my grandma’s birthday.
    Yes I said it, and no, I am not biased, I am African married to an African-American whose dad is half white…

  21. People have mistaken me for a hook nose before… but like i tell them ‘Just because I’m a fiddler on the roof dosen’t mean i’m Jewish’

  22. bollywood_rocks83

    Thank you,pahleez! I’m of West African heritage and if I see one more African American ask me where I got my dress for Kwanzaa, I will punch them esp. I also don’t know what Kwanzaa is because it’s not a word in my language yet morons will keep wishing me happy Kwanzaa. I’m more familiar with Boxing Day than with Kwanzaa.

  23. I also was just looking at the legal fund status bar on the right and thinking about how little money they seem to have considering they’ve been asking for donations for weeks and weeks now.
    Reminds me of an uplifting quote from the imminent Jar Jar Binks. “Yousa thinkin’ yousa peoples gonna die?”

  24. @23 LMAO! I <3 Jar Jar.

  25. Hannukahhhhh Matata ——-> LOLOLOLOLOL

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