Monday, August 30, 2010

Snappy Snaps!

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  1. ben

  2. Nothing is permanent except that tattoo!

  3. and I really hope those kids aren’t drinking beer, otherwise, someone needs to call CPS.

  4. I wish I didn’t eat just before being assaulted by that baby picture. What a misfortune of birth: Lametard parents, fuzzy white pigeon wings, and a misspelled first name. Poor thing.

  5. Madalyn’s father will end up abusing her, her mother will become a drunk with a valium addiction and she’ll run away to the streets at 14 after her father comes out as gay.
    Or maybe I’m just a bitter old misanthrope.

  6. Really there is nothing worthwhile to see in this entry. C’MON MAN!

  7. did she seriously just call herself shit and urine? what the fuck?

  8. @Museite
    …is that an arrested development reference?

  9. She’s more like Keishla-raine … and definitely worthy of being shat out.

  10. @lexluther – it’s an ESPN Monday Night Football reference

  11. lexluther just made a huge mistake.

  12. I agree, the “blessed by our baby madalyn” pic is the most disturbing. ugh

  13. Can someone explain the first one to me please? I don’t get it. Why would you want to be a terd floating in pee?

  14. I wonder if Mr. Butt cheeks has his entire body labeled…you know, just in case he forgets.

  15. @heisenberg
    maybe i should just keep quiet and stick with analrapy.

  16. D’oh I mean turd LOL only I can misspell shit

  17. i wish i could see the “nothing is permanent” tattoo in 40-50 years.

  18. I feel deeply sorry for poor baby madalyn….after the parents realize that raising a baby is not going to be like raising a little angel, she be in a orphanage after her father kills her mother then turns the gun onto himself. A truly cruel story about the stupidity of parents who have obviously spoilt their child to a degree that they have become a problem child and ends up living a very disturbed life as a result of her parents idiocy ….Well don’t expect it to end well!

  19. Tattoo girl is excused of her idiotic nonsense for being blessed with some big ass boobies.

    Tatoo guy – well that ass is just shameful.

  20. Threeve hundred and ninety eleventyith!

  21. Holy hell, /r/ more of the tattoo girl, are we talking F’s or G’s? *faints*

  22. Sometimes an exponential scale for bra-size DOES seem more appropriate.

  23. substyle, forget the tattoo. Imagine what those boobs are going to look like in 40-50 years? Bloody hell, look at them NOW. What a load. Even if they’re fake, gravity is a bitch, and by the looks, gravity’s already getting bitchy.

    Dylan, get yourself some new jocks. God damn. I despise shitty underwear.

  24. Charlotte Sometimes

    whoever did that tattoo must of enjoyed it considering how nice, big, and round those are. i know i would if i were anywhere near them voluptuous butt cheeks.

  25. if i was ‘blessed’ with those things i would be pissed.imagine the back problems,plus huge tits like that are not cute or sexy or anything….no thank you.

  26. That’s got to be one of the most appealing pair of butt cheeks ever.

  27. Dylan’s ass is literally butt-ugly.

  28. I hate a man with no ass. I like an ass – one you can grab onto. Dylan doesn’t have one. Thick waist, no ass. So unattractive.

    Yes, I’m being very mean, but I don’t care.

  29. dirtylittlepretty

    her boobs look like they are sausaged in that top…ugh!
    that guys ass is shameful looking ..he should be embarassed!
    as for the kids beer bonging….maybe it’s just their bedtime ritual (or it’s still daylight)

  30. dirtylittlepretty

    i couldn’t agree more word…christ his ass is horrid (or lack thereof)

  31. I agree with Jen.
    Also, ‘I’m the shit in the wine?’ I realize that’s not what miss flasher meant to say but it sure looks that way. I would have to agree that having her around would be like putting shit in one’s wine.

  32. Got to agree with obabybaby. There are limits to tits.

    And just saying, thank you for not being 4chan, being able to read sensible statements is nice after philosophy class.

  33. tits=awesome. and that’s all i have to say about that.

  34. Keke was obviously napping the day they studied metaphors in school.

    And if you’re going to have a tattoo on your butt, at least make sure it’s a nice butt. That’s the butt of an 80 yr old.

  35. Permanent, no – but I bet the concussion she’d get from trying to run with those bad boys would linger a while.

  36. That’s one ugly f*cking ass. Seriously. Sick.

  37. the guy with the butt check tattoo has no freakin waist. seriously i’m trying to figure out how big he must really be~! EW

  38. yo dawg I heard you like butt cheeks..

  39. I don’t understand how parents can have this rationale that babies are miracles and a blessing from God.

    Seriously, you’re not fucking special and neither is your kid.

  40. dude’s sporting some META butt cheeks, which makes his butt really, really deep.

  41. “It’s Weezy F. baby come to take a shit and urine on the toilet bowl bitches…”

  42. can someone do me a favor and explain the baby madalyn picture cause i jus dont understand why its posted…

  43. chelseamae23, it’s not the concept, it’s the execution. This couple clearly thinks the image is sweet and stylish, but the way to suggest that your unborn baby is/will be an angel is not to stick a pair of costume shop wings to your swollen belly, pose for a washed out awkward photo and use as many fonts and text effects as possible to fill up the rest of the space.

  44. That is single-handedly the weirdest looking ass that I have ever seen in my life. From the looks of it, he’s built just like Stimpy!

  45. Please forgive me for saying this, I mean them NO bad luck; but my first thought when I saw the wings on her belly is that the baby was deceased. You can be blessed WITH something (their baby – “We’ve been blessed with Madalyn”) but to be blessed BY someone implies something totally different (they’re dead, and doing something nice for you from Heaven). I don’t see anything wrong with the spelling. My daughter’s name is Madelyne. Both versions are easier to spell than Madeleine.

    I don’t want to be the shit, the urine, or have fat thighs.

  46. thats a classic white trash,red neck ass,ew

  47. LOL at #3s uni-boob. Wowza.

  48. God, I’m so high right now…

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