Monday, August 30, 2010

In & Out of Love

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  1. using this comment to profess that i am given up my tirade of abuse on lamebook due to everyone bein lols in the family post and collectively lollin by puttin their name at the end of the posts haha. thanks lamebook am gona make a new post and write actual comments now, hate you all,


    p.s alordslums is still a douchebag i will just no longer profess this, u all figured it out for urselves anyways

  2. This is for @emma: this isn’t fucking Twitter and you’re a whore.

  3. Anonisga… who? eh?

  4. Also if someone could explain what anonisgayisgay is trying to tell us, that’d be great.

  5. I think he’s trying to say that his reign of douchebaggery has come to a sudden end, but he will be reincarnated as a more pleasant, social and altogether less fun version of himself.

    And also alordslums is still a douchebag.

    May He Rest In Peace.

  6. Seems to me like when everyone started signing off with their names he realized nobody cared about his complaints enough to give him attention.

  7. Good one trademark… I was sick of his douche behaviour that only him seemed to enjoy. It was far pathetic than these posts.

    And yeah hobo, she is a putana looking for lots of attention. Some people make me sick.

  8. Not just that we didn’t care, but we actually found amusement in directly contradicting him.

  9. Wow, you think Jenni’s fiancée could have at least splurged a little and got the ring sized for her finger.. I do vaguely recall having something coincidently similar when I was a wee lass, only mine was from one of those $1 jewellery machines.

  10. I am not surprised with the engagment or dopin fails when you have a friend called Fregen. Really, is that a name or a nickname? And also, a dolphin as a engagement ring? I think I am an old school chick.

    About first post, Randall is not worse than Megan, what a b*tch to spread the news. And Jessica, too naive for me.

  11. Yeah… Emma’s a whore. And she just told the world she was a whore. Awesome Emma.

  12. Just got to go props to randall for the epicness of “no, that was only part of it”

    But damn, no more rants from anonisgayisgay? DAMN.

  13. The dopin ring looks like one of those kiddy rings you squeeze on your finger to the right fit. She needs to unsqueeze a little before she loses a digit.

    I wonder what the wedding ring will look like – a squid?

  14. I’m just trying to figure out how the hell she managed to get it on…

  15. BritishHobo, I do agree that she is a whore, but the “@” thing is now officially a Facebook thing too. You can actually put that symbol in front o a person’s name in a Facebook post to tag them in the post.

    However, she is still whore.

  16. @Big – it’s supposed to take the @ away. but actually it’s ; i think.

  17. I wonder if the ceremony will be at Seaworld.

  18. Randall – good move for dumping that bitch for not putting out. I do hate a tease. Go hook up with Emma – she seems like a sure thing.

  19. Emma sounds like fun, just make sure you wear a raincoat!

    I love the fact Jenni calls it an enGAGment ring, because any woman with taste would gag when they get a dolphin engagement ring! I know my gf would chastise me if I did!

  20. bigsmitty, yeah, but she’s still publicly humiliating him. She could at least give him the courtesy of just posting it on his wall.

  21. WTG? I’m with you on #18

  22. BritishHobo, if you’re going to whore it up and then use this to publicly humiliate your lover (and coincidentally yourself), I don’t think ‘giving him the courtesy’ plays a role in your activities.
    The problem is she lowers her credibility here by the fact that she slept with the brother to get back at the lover. Of course she’s going to say that the brother was better in bed. I don’t really believe her.

  23. dirtylittlepretty

    I am not going to join in the berating of Emma and/or her actions…I myself have been there (somewhat). I dated a guy once who had a really good looking older the end the guy i was with turned out to be a jagoff and fucked me around so closing I have always kind of regretted not fucking his brother just to put that bastard in his place (as he cheated on me with his ex). Call it what you will….i’d still fuck his brother ;~)

  24. dirtylittlepretty

    wow..that was some uncalled for rambling

  25. Damn DLP. Thanks for ruining the visual by saying you “didn’t” sleep with the brother. I was having visions of you in incestuous threesomes until the end.

  26. Is there something wrong with sleeping with brothers? I don’t mean when you’re in a relationship with one, or as a revenge thing, like Emma, but at different times…

    Eh, I don’t think so.

    And dirtylittlepretty, you still should.

  27. Brother lovin’ – had her a blaaast…
    Brother lovin’ – poor Mark finished faast…

  28. is it bad that what bothers me the most is that both robyn and jenni misspelled the word “engagement”?

    plus, i’d be super pissed if i got a mother effing dolphin as an engagement ring. just sayin’.

  29. dirtylittlepretty

    @whatchu_say FUCKING RIGHT!??!!

  30. I too think the brother banging is pretty hot. But it also bothers me that we will never truly get to know who was better in bed. She can’t exactly say “Hell yeah I fucked yer bro – he was… meh”.

    Actually, that would have been way better.

  31. I think the dolphin ring is symbolic that someone is about to free Willy. Ahem.

  32. dirtylittlepretty

    @word-i still want to.
    @sideshow-i have that same vision.

  33. I wish Lou would’ve bought Jenni a dictionary instead of the ugly ass dophin engagment ring.

  34. I think jenni can’t spell (dopin) an simply copied robyn’s ‘engagment’.

    Blurry photos piss me off, if you are going to take the effort and post a photo, learn to focus on the dopin and not the breast cancer wrapping paper or whatever that is.

  35. If I didn’t know better, I’d say my creepy-stalker-dolphin-loving ex found himself a new girl with the same name pretty damn fast. It’s only been a month since I got the restraining order against him….

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