Monday, August 30, 2010

FaceSaver Breathalyzer

Thanks to the guys at fuddytv for sharing this with us!

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  1. :/

  2. I’m pretty sure this thing would basically shut down Lamebook…

  3. Shite shite shite.

    Really, I was waiting for some funny post for this rubbish Monday.

    Soo sad.

  4. I’ve often thought that you could make a fortune with a device for a phone that tests your blood alcohol before allowing you to text. Certainly would have saved me a lot of grief anyway.

  5. I am with this one now instead:

    I start feeling really sad about myself…

  6. anonymouseinternetuser

    Honestly, what drunk is going to have the presence of mind to plug a breathalyser into an usb? I certaintly wouldn’t. In fact, I would probably think about it and then deliberately NOT plug it in, in some kind of stubbornly contrary act of defiance… “take THAT dignity and self-preservation! Bwahahahaaa!” *Guzzles more cheap wine*

  7. Gotta second #6

  8. These adverts are funnier when funny stuff actually happens in the video, rather than the idea just being a bit weird but the advert being a normal advert.

  9. I wish I had one last night, daaaaaammmmnn. These could save the world so much hurt.

  10. It would have been great this idea for mobiles in the 90’s, my tiny university budget suffered most of the time at the end of the month, specially at the summer. But well, I dont regreat, now they are good jokes and I remebered those wild nights with nostalgia…. (sighs)

  11. @factory: Story time?

  12. fail

  13. @xenophobia I drank too much JD then started msging chicks at work. I’m in the cubicle of shame today, they keep forming a little group and laughing behind their hands.

  14. I have one of those USB lights. They can be pretty useful at times. LaCie makes a USB fan, too.

  15. If I install one of these, I will never be able to use my computer again.

  16. dirtylittlepretty

    the guy in the video wears it to the left.
    just sayin

  17. Need the reverse for me. I sound smarter when I am plastered. That is why I schedule my staff meetings right after my liquid lunches.

  18. DLP is quite cock-eyed.

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