Friday, September 7, 2012

Information Overload

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  1. is rosemary the ermahgerd chick?

  2. hootie the blowfish

    No, she’s the “shares way too much really personal information in way too public of a setting” chick.

  3. or just the chick who who doesn’t know how to internet and accidentally posts what was clearly (read:- to anyone smarter than berk) supposed to be a private message?

  4. how does public vs private not make her the ernahgerd chick? my point was about everything thrown in one mad jumbled sentence

  5. ^and all wrapped up in a shitty, flogged-out meme.

  6. T2000 Fake? No T2000 Virgin.

  7. yep… wrapped in it I am..I jizzed at the prospect of using it in this
    oh that and that I knew you and your pretty mouth would show up

  8. I think my head just exploded…..

  9. I’m taking bets: When will MissAnneThrope leave her computer for a break from this site? My vote is 3 days from now, a 15 minute break to throwaway a few soda bottles full of piss that have accumilated around her desk.

  10. MsAnne @3, I don’t think you can excuse her that easily. This is obviously the first contact she has had with this chick in a long time and she comes straight out with ‘my mum got drunk and killed a bloke’. That’s def. a convo for at least the third date.

  11. no way. jennifer, michelle, becky & her are like fucking family, alright?
    you wouldn’t understand.

  12. itzmurda; do you have a syndrome?
    Berkely; if you ask MsAnne real nice he might send you a picture of his dick, then you can wank over something a little more tangible than a futile internet insult.

  13. apparently I’m the only one here who doesn’t already have a copy Crusty?
    I hope I get my copy soon.. the words and insults are just not taking the edge off like they used to

  14. Berkley is flaming.

  15. Flake.

  16. Becky gets her own chapter on Facebook. I want to read more about Becky. Any guesses as to what had happened with Becky?

  17. I’m with you on that Beatus.

    Given what Rosenary was prepared to say in all that babble and possibly a trailer trash lifestyle, I reckon Becky being ‘another story’ she must have done something seriously fucked up. My money in on Becky went and became a lawyer.

  18. *Blocked*

  19. ^this looks promising, but I’ve been bitterly let down by stuff like this before.

  20. Beatus – Just add her; she’ll be all like, OMG! And y’all can have the convo of a lifetime, fo sho! smh, lolz, and wtf!

    I hate myself.

  21. Rosemary reminds me of Muhammad Ali… fucking brain dead.

  22. I just drove back from L.R. and N.L.R. last night.

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