Friday, September 7, 2012

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. A step up from dissing the uneducated. Only one step though.

  2. Fakkkwe.

  3. Birthday girl smells and vibrates after she changes her batteries over the weekend.

  4. How long will it take MsAnneThrope to see this comment? Well she checks Lamebook every 5 minutes, so I’d say about 5 minutes from now. She’s got an alarm that rings every 5 minutes, so she doesn’t miss anything on here.

  5. Itz telling someone that posts on lame book that they post on lame book is redundant.. it’s not really much of an insult is it?

    The written word is too awesome to waste on redundancy. So how about you come up with a better game plan or pass the ball to someone else?

  6. ^fuck you. I happen to love watching it’s torment and pain.

    I love imagining his swollen, reddened face and all the snot-bubbles.

    you don’t for a second imagine that itzmongoloid is at any sort of peace with the world, do you?

  7. ok I’ll admit I laughed at snot bubbles just once.. but come on.. it’s like watching a downie eat ‘dates’ from the sandbox and not stop him

    oh and just for balance fuck you Ms.. you would be the sort of bitch that would fuck a bloke in the arse and not have the decency to give him a reach around

  8. Berkley, who are you trying to impress?
    I suppose the written word isn’t too good enough to waste on overused movie quotes from 25 years ago. And you talk about redundancy. You’re pathetic.

  9. oh ffs… I’m trying to impress you Itz, you are such a fucking sexy little bitch that you got my all horny so that I just want to fill your whore hole with love juice.. no one swallows paste like you Itz

    at least you had a crack I guess

  10. *me.. my hornyness got away on me

  11. Isn’t…too…good…enough? What?

  12. @11 No worries, crusty. The English language has ways to ‘shut that whole thing down’ at times like that and no harm is done.

  13. As a vehicle for trolling, Itzmurda’s “obsessive attention-seeking teenager with down syndrome” persona is pretty effective.

    Unless it’s for real of course. Then it’s just sad and his parents should take better care.

  14. Hooray, Fighting!

  15. Fine.

  16. I think that was more of a ‘spirited discussion’, hawk.

  17. Itzmurda fucking trips me out, man.
    MsAnne, that’s one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time.

    Anyway, Sasha obviously needs to douche if “Meegan” (great spelling, by the way) can smell her. Just sayin’.

  18. one of the worst what? or are you just referring to everything in general?

  19. ^Spirits were involved? Absinthe, I hope

  20. daemonic imps.

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