Friday, September 7, 2012

Lower Class Part 2


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the trashiest of them all?


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  1. Aren’t there already websites dedicated to shitty tattoos?

  2. T2000 is being fake every time he tries to act like he isn’t a loser.

  3. I don’t see why the tatt one is on here.. is it because of the work or the penguin with a crown? if so the culprit who put it here should go fuck them self
    it’s not something I’d get but if it means something to her then good on her

  4. I guess when I read these, I wait for a punch line or a clever exchange of wits in the comments. None of these posts have any of it. It’s the paradox of lamebook itself being lame today.

  5. If Michelle really had a bad explanation, we could tell what the fuck Chris was talking about, or Mary had completely destroyed Ryan for shopping at Ed Hardy, then it would be interesting. Meh.

  6. I don’t even understand why the last one was posted. Because Ed Hardy sucks? Well, thats obvious.

  7. ripley, I feel your pain.
    but when boring mongs, like berk, are allowed to flourish unchallenged, this is the kind of shite you get served,
    next we’ll have that joyless, dreary & fucking sanctimonious cuntoid sharing her fave choice of sandwich fillers – and then you know shit has gone to hell.

    or maybe I’m just grumpy because of chris’ family dysfunction?

  8. where is the challenge Muddy?

  9. MissAnneThrope, what is “shite?” Is that how most would describe your goals in life?

  10. see how’s there’s always two of them?
    I’m pretty sure that’s so they can kid themselves that they are not the stupidest cunt here – because they are better than each other.
    In fact, t’s where most of the comedy comes from. Sometimes they fall in love and sometimes they turn on each other – you can sort of tell which way it’s gonna go.

    berk & mong:- will they make it work?

  11. “In fact, t’s where most of the comedy comes from”
    Have you not taken your medicine tonight or do you really think that makes sense? I made that post and you replied back within 3 minutes. So now we know you not only refresh this site to see new posts, but you also frequently check old posts as well. Your calendar looks like this: “check Lamebook” “check Lamebook” “check Lamebook” “wash my crusty underwear that I’ve w “check Lamebook.”
    You are disgusting

  12. MsAnneThrope never leaves the computer. Her room smells like gas and there are empty Mountain Dew bottles filled with piss thrown about the floor. Pale, ugly and “lame.” You should get paid for this shit, it is basically a full time job for you.

  13. finally MsMuddy you hit on a decent insult

  14. you guys make love look an awful lot like hate, you know.

  15. Hey! my first ‘comment awaiting moderation’ I’m gonna crack another beer in celebration.

  16. Is it coz I said ‘fuck’ 5 times?

  17. disappointing follow up though… I thought you were onto something that was actually challenging there too

  18. I do enjoy the fact that MsAnne thinks that “Berk” is the real insult, as opposed to the entire “Berkley Hunt” name. Perhaps you can stop giving away your age by throwing tantrums and generally not knowing what you’re talking about, and experience the big, wide world.

  19. I’d like to lock you all in a glass box and watch you run into the walls trying to escape – I think you’ve all descended to that level of mental retardation.

  20. bigo25c(@)
    that’s my personal email address. send me some love.

  21. This is just like being home for the holidays. sniff. Thanks, guys.

  22. Being locked in a box? o.O Fritzl?

  23. MsAnne, you constantly boot these boys in their berry baskets and their responses all end up sounding like ‘Kick me again! Harder!’ Girl, if you’re not working as a dominatrix, at least part time, you are squandering one incredible business opportunity.

  24. don’t sully the simple beauty with your capitalist grot.

  25. Alrighty. Have at it. But someday you’re going to need a new tambourine.

  26. …to soak in gasoline, light on fire and fling under the lead car of a motor brigade.

  27. iz it coz i iz blek?

  28. Shite.

  29. Ah, it’s coz I said Why the hell does that word get censored? Is that an insult ’round these parts?

  30. ‘@dmin’, franky.

  31. hmm.. I’m gonna go with ‘wankers’.

  32. oooh. controversial.

  33. Thanks. I like to push boundaries.

  34. Frankie, i think it is because of @dmin. That at least explains the ones where I was insulting the @dmins when they did one of those contests for captions… wait, it was the one with that “translate this” garbage. Too funny. Censorship at its best by a site that allows just about anything.

  35. @dministrators doesn’t work, either, because the wankers don’t want us insulting them. What a bunch of wankers.

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