Monday, October 10, 2011



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  1. Wow did KFC Australia miss the point. Shocking.

  2. kfc – king formed carrot

  3. @WillieBilly
    They clearly got the point. They replied in the best way possible; by promoting the values they want their employees to have whilst politely putting Aaron down.
    Suggest another reply they could have written that would have been more beneficial for the company.

  4. Yes, but they failed to acknowledge that while they are searching for great employees, they have so far only hired people like Aaron.

  5. Technically, KFC Australia said they were “on the lookout” for good employees. That doesn’t imply that they currently HAVE any of them.

  6. I think it’s a global thing. The KFC in Las Vegas has the same type of employees.

  7. Hey Aaron, the only thing KFC is missing is U!!

  8. mad2physicist, that’s exactly the point. Guess it goes over a lot of heads.

  9. Surely KFC = Kan’t Find the Chicken?

  10. Last four times I went to a KFC they always told me they’re out of chicken. Wtf?

  11. I know how Caleb feels, I was once got thrown out of a KFC too, apparently throwing faeces around like an angry chimp and urinating in a bottle whilst hosing down the spotty wench behind the counter is not acceptable behaviour.

    They should re-brand themselves FMCSC… Fascist Mutant Chicken Selling Cunts

  12. I too eat annoying nearly flightless birds that flap about and are cooked 80 times with a bath of disfiguring chemicals and what the f am I talking about

  13. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Wait. KFC has burgers?

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