Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tara, I can’t believe it either…


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  1. (speechless)

  2. Classically lame! I’d love to have a follow-up on this one, find out the aftermath. Poor, dumb Tara.

  3. i have a feeling she doesn’t know how public this is…

  4. I personally would rather hear about what someone had for breakfast than an entire Jerry Springer-esque life story. Just saying…

  5. I like how she only stops because a lame-ass TV show comes on.

  6. TV movie of the week material right here.

  7. That’s pure dead brilliant.

  8. Y’all are being harsh–this isn’t THAT bad.

  9. Evan, shut the fuck up. Every post has some pussy that has to whine about everything. Go get the sand out of your vagina.

  10. Touchy…

  11. Bill, calm down there, slugger.

  12. Haha you’re the man Bill.

  13. I second the idea that she probably doesn’t realise how public it is. My mum didn’t know either when she first signed up, and got really angry when she realised everyone could see everything she’d been writing- even though it was innocuous mum stuff.

  14. Um, lydmiz and la… DUH! That’s one of the reasons this post is lame, donkeys. Why are lame people reading lamebook? You obviously don’t get it.

    And I’m with Rick — Bill’s the man. (Although I’m still trying to understand the sand-in-the-vagina comment! lol)

  15. this is the FUNNIEST one yet. ahahaha.

  16. STFUP Julie

  17. I know she isn’t talking about Walt Disney, but I would like to think that that could drive someone to crack.

  18. I agree with some of the above posters; I actually feel bad for her. She’s probably some middle-aged woman who doesn’t actually realize how Facebook works and that everyone else can see her posts.

  19. yeah I think there is a clear difference between the morons who don’t know how facebook works and the uber-morons who continue to post embarassing thngs even though they know full well how public it is. The latter category, obviously, is far more deserving of contempt.

    With that said, however, her comment is hilarious! I love you, lamebook

  20. I’m from Austin. I’m so embarrassed for my city right now.

    That was just really sad until the last line about people “posting what they ate for breakfast”, which, in that context was hilarious.

  21. Julie, I think you’re the lame one who shouldn’t be on lamebook, donkey.

    PS – Sand in vagina = you; i.e., you’re being a bitch.

  22. This would all be fairly normal if it weren’t for the fact that it’s public.

    That is one thing I still don’t understand about facebook users – they post everything, including private messages, on public spaces. There is a PRIVATE MESSAGE sending facility for that. USE it!!

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