Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I’m Gonna Lose My Lunch

Lose My Lunch

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  1. Why are they always named Brett?

  2. I’ll let this one slide… the comments are spread out reasonably enough over time.

  3. Okay, I didn’t read the last one before posting that… pretty fucking lame.

  4. i actually didn’t mind the word patooty its not used ENOUGH. but in this context its a little lame.

  5. Redneck...Monster Trucks ftw

    That’s so sweet. How is it lame?

  6. I give them four years.

  7. Matt – I did the same thing. The last line is definitely the clincher.

  8. Brett ran out of ideas and basically summed up last night’s dinner.

  9. hahahahahaa kudos to Potato Head.
    that made me laugh.

  10. Ashley + Brett = Kylie + Skylar

  11. sigh

  12. reeeetch

  13. “i guess i was trying to chew yours down to look like my wittle years”

    Bleugh. Cannibalism and deformities.

  14. If I ever see “yummy” in a comment again I’m going to stab myself repeatedly in the eye with a pitchfork.

  15. Candy Blackmail

    I’m just waiting for ‘schmoopie’ to come up.

  16. I’m just waiting for mandatory castration.

  17. bluerrrrrggghhhh.

  18. Damn these pair of cunts to hell

  19. this makes me want to cry.

    i hope they don’t talk like this at the wedding.

    the cuteness of this makes me want to rebel and punch someone in the nuts.
    or maybe just vomit a lot.

  21. I’m going to the bathroom now to throw up

  22. Kill me now. Freaking inbreeds.

  23. vomit

  24. Jesus fucking christ, these two.

  25. Lunch lost…..

  26. Dear Christ.

  27. how do I clean vomit off a keyboard?

  28. You dont, you just keep pressing them buttons and fight through the stupidity

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