Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hacked In Sacked Out

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  1. Keo.

  2. People like Andrew deserve to get that.

  3. Oh this was funny watching him getting more and more drunk and making no sense, I lol’d. Then it just got sad, the poor boy. Andrew’s a twat.

  4. I lack no antipathy.

  5. What a beezy.

  6. ” I lack no self control when it comes to drinking”

    Hm … not a problem then Andy.

  7. Jesus…that was painful to read. Good work Andrew.

  8. Luckily, I am a master at decoding drunk speak so I could understand everything he said. Unfortunately, at the end it seems he switched to angry woman speak, which as with all female dialiects, I have no ability to understand. My best guess is that she is saying she would like to prepare andrew a sandwich followed by sex.

  9. Does Andrew not know how old his son is? Man o man that’s parenting at its finest. But the son does make his father look like a fool in the end.

  10. Maybe I’m just sleepy but that took a couple of rereads to understand. But I like the image of a 30 year old man setting his alarm to 8:30 bc he’s so excited to go to the Y with his dad at 9.

  11. I had to read it twice too… I didn’t even pick up that they were father and son. Made for interesting reading though, thinking it was a volatile gay love affair.

  12. TC;DR

    (too confusing; didn’t read)

  13. TC;TE
    (too confusing; too early)
    But I’ll be judgemental anyway and decide Andrew sucks

  14. Sometimes the relationship between a father and son can become strained, especially when the child attempts to foist their perception of the world onto their parent.

    This can be easily remedied by slaughtering any offspring at birth.

  15. I’m surprised you’d wait until birth

  16. sexclamationpoint56

    yeah i definitely thought it was a gay thing but then i realized it was his son. even though, it seemed almost as andrews son was switching back and forth with the whole “im andrew” thing. it was fairly confusing and usually these type of posts are funnier when the person who hacks the facebook says something like “donkey sex is the best!” and then everyone is like “wtf?”

  17. I thnk that it’s the woman that andrew conceived with who is writing all that on there. I am guessing a 3 year old did not write that, also it has that girly type of resentment and bitchiness in the writing.

  18. Wow Jonjones, hate women much? The son is 30.

  19. Presumably, Andrew’s ex-wife has his password. She witnessed the dialog between Andrew and Brandon and decided to add her two cents.

  20. ironyispredictable

    no -__- that was his angry son. The guy probably left his facebook open; he didn’t log out

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