Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Saw the Sign

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  1. Okay I laughed at the mustache.

    And Steeeeeever or something.

  2. What’s wrong with kids supporting movember.

  3. Holy shit, it doesn’t get any less funny than this pair. :/

  4. slicingupeyeballs

    So is it a market for cunts, or just a cunty market?

    These are two very different things, I would quite like shopping for a good cunt, poking, prodding, sniffing and squeezing them to ascertain freshness…

  5. I enjoyed the last one because I really hate statistics that say “every day” or “every minute” or something like that. They are clearly not true otherwise every child would be autistic in a matter of weeks.

  6. I want to tattoo a moustache on my finger, so I can hold it to my lip and look distinguished whenever I feel like it.

  7. I let out a big, appreciative laugh at the second one because it’s true. Just last week I saw a 10-month-old Puerto Rican girl with a ‘stache. But she was cute.

  8. Second one for the win. I agree with you there oilersfan. Talk about your bullshit stats. I would love to see those records and data please and thanks.

  9. Jessica needs to go back at night and take a second pic sans flash. I wouldn’t have gotten this right away if I didn’t have such a dirty mind.

    I am stealing the second one. Saving the JPG, not posting the link, ’cause I don’t want Facebook to get their panties in a wad.

    @manybellsdown – NO. Not Stever. NOT STEVER.

  10. Uh, sorry throwingtofu, I meant … Ben is Frodo. Yeah, that’s it.

  11. Har har har, it said Cunt.

    Second one was gold.

  12. Haha that second one is awful..yet I can’t help but snicker…guess we’re all going to hell!

  13. My friend was diagnosed with a moustache a while ago! :O


  15. *That surely doesn’t cunt.


  16. Kudos to whoever climbed up on the billboard and changed it. That couldn’t have been easy since they are usually lit at night.

  17. Well, November is the month of MOvember. Good job!

  18. That second one isn’t funny at all. It’s a very serious manner and something that should never, ever be joked about. Much less defaced in such a public manner, child-mustaches are not a joke, my nephew was recently diagnosed with a mustache. It is a horrible affliction that has affected millions of lives. Please people, go to mustachesspeak.org and donate whatever you can to help these poor, poor kids.

  19. Jonjones sense of humour fail…..?

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ljgard sense of humour recognition fail …?

  21. @19
    Damn, knew I should’ve drafted and re-written that comment 3 or 4 more times before I posted it on such a prestigious website. It did test well on my numerous cats though….

  22. The mustaches are kind of like sickle cell anemia. It really only affects the swarthy youngsters.

  23. Bass is that you???

  24. I prefer it when children have facial hair, it acts as a comfy penis cushion when i’m resting my satiated bell on their upper lip.

  25. lmamofo,
    You are a sick bastard. Someone needs to punch you in the mouth.

  26. @lovemysoldier
    Don’t be so hateful…
    I’m sure with lots o’love he can be rehabilitated…

  27. ooooo flirty ain’t ya?! I can read between the lines, I know what you’re really saying.

    By punch you mean lick and by mouth you mean ringer dont’t you? Who’s the sicko now eh?!

  28. lovemysoldier and lmamofo sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g

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