Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Classy In Love

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  1. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    No stever! Yay

  2. Lamebook is my new pussy.

  3. Dara is good !


  4. Got a chuckle out of 2 and 3 but #1 is just plain dumb ass red neck.

  5. http://bit.ly/aN8aSP

    Wow, I always wonder how people can be this way…

  6. These traumatized me. I think I hit capacity.

  7. Damnit, Lamebook! BE FUNNY!

  8. I get the feeling when Lewis says “nail one of my colleagues” he actually means “take advantage of one of my colleagues who passes out.”

  9. @Comments and you’re point being?

  10. Point being be careful what you do when someone’s passed out – if convicted, the same may happen to you in your cell as you sleep.

  11. What happens at a work Christmas Party stays at the work Christmas Party.

  12. Just how many people are on Dara’s good good that she doesn’t know if someone is on it?

  13. rockinghorsefly, no it doesn’t. Stacks of people make complete fools of themselves at work Christmas parties and never live it down. People even get fired. It’s never a wise move to get overly tanked when the CEO is watching.

  14. @zigs – just make sure you get your boss more pissed up than you. That way you get to pack him off home in a taxi to wifey at 11pm and carry on …. bring it on.

  15. Charlotte wins the whole thing by a landslide.

  16. Dara/Michaela/Charlotte. I ship them.

  17. curlybap, that’s a fair enough call, and provided you don’t bang any of your work colleagues at the party you’ll be fine.

  18. @16
    I think that’s too much to ask of any man. You seem to be missing an easy solution there zigs, just make sure you’re no more then the second most tanked one there. Just like on the road, as long as you aren’t the fastest one on it, you won’t get pulled over. Also, it helps to make sure everyone else is extremely tanked, this is easily done by spiking all liquids in the office.

  19. Scene: Thanksgiving dinner at Tiffany’s parent’s house

    Tiffany’s sister: “Dad, I’m not going to send you separate pictures of your grandkids. You just need to get on Facebook and you can see them all.”
    Tiffany’s mom: “Dinner won’t be ready for another 45 minutes. Tiffany’s sister, why don’t you go to the computer and put your father in the Facebook?”
    Tiffany: “Turkeys say gobble gobble.”

    …At the computer…

    Tiffany’s sister: “…See? You can look at all the things we post. Here’s Tiffany’s page.”
    Tiffany’s dad: “I don’t know, it all seems kind of silly to me. Wait, what’s this? Who the hell is Manuel? What…TIFFANY!”
    Tiffany: “Manuel only eats tacos.”

  20. Pussy is addictive it’s a bit like crack…

    fuck off.

  21. Say what you will about the first post, but that’s true love.

  22. Tiffany, that Hispanic guy better be kidding.

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