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  1. Well terrible grammar aside, Natalie was quite composed.

    Crazy ass mother lol
    Quite the embarassement for the daughter! I wonder how old and how long they were together.

    Cause if these are teens who just broke up it is kinda sad, but if it is a couple who have been together for years and all this news just came to light I can sort of understand the family outrage.

  2. Erm… bazinga.

  3. Natalie ftw.

  4. @mad2 – you still Irishphile?

    I loved #1 and then I read #3 – fucking brilliant haha. @ Bucket – I once had a crazy ass mother getting on like this too. Before the days of facebook the chick got my number and was phoning winding me up ….. until the big mama grabbed the phone. She left me alone then lol.

  5. Eileen: (In caps, screaming) You are supposed to be courting my daughter. And all along you have been having sexual relations with a miniature bovine. Yes, a bovine. You are a pock mark. Honey, how dare thou? What would give you the right to treat my daughter in this manner? Kindly tell the midget bovine that you are with that I better not find out her name or which pasture she lives in. I do have knowledge as to where you reside. Just out of curiousity, how many midget bovines were in your residence while you were courting my daughter?

  6. Ah, I think the last one might be the first time I’ve been sure a lamebook entry has been Scottish. Surprised really.

    I actually know an Eileen with a Daughter that this could very well be. *searches her on Facebook*.

  7. Read the last one using the best possible Scottish accent i could muster.

  8. P贸g mo th贸in is what Eileen meant, it means kiss me arse 馃檪 it’s as gaeilge. Irish. There is a Scottish gaelic as well so she may be speaking that. ‘wee’ in Ireland means ‘small’, and ‘aye’ means yes. I’d make a guess she’s from Northern Ireland.

  9. @8 I think you’re right. Definitely read with a Northern Irish accent. Though I’d love to hear a Scootish post!

  10. without the extra o ffs. sorry guys, just been to lunch and a little bit “fuzzy” 馃槈

  11. I only know a couple of Irish people, but I’m Scottish and I’d like to think it’s Scottish 馃槈 based on “good yin” and “naw. Seriously but” – loads of areas round about Glasgow etc throw ‘but’ into the beginning, middle and ends of every sentence. Could be wrong though!
    Eileen is a fucking fanny, but I like Natalie.

  12. miniature bovine made my day

  13. Is it just me that doesn’t get how 2 is lame in any way?

  14. Well the women is boasting how her “Man” left his wife for her.

    Then goes to say”well he was leaving her anyway” lol some super romantic scene that is. She was just a filler for the guy to leave his wife really.

  15. This is definitely supposed to be Irish, and it is spelt “P贸g Mo Th贸n” – *Kiss My Arse*. But in fairness, we do not go around saying stufid stereotypical things like “aye” and “wee” and throwing in random irrelevant Irish sayings on facebook! Ha ha as if, it has to be fake! Trust me, an Irish person would be much more likely to tell someone to go and fuck themselves than use that! We would also know how to spell it a bit better /:

  16. Ok on re-reading I’m changing my mind and going with ayebut now. It’s the ‘ i know wer u stay’ line. That’s Scottish. Hobo, 2 is crap but hey we should congratulate them for the other two. Made me laugh anyway.

  17. Thanks guys, I was wondering what the hell “pock ma honn” meant.

  18. <3 both Scottish and Irish accents and their words.
    cabbitch, I was wondering the same thing lol. Thank you, arayea

    Cait's an idiot. Graham's been dippin' into the milk a we bit too much, aye? Oh, and Sara, I hate you.

  19. Does Cait the attention whore with the badly spelled name really expect some white knight to trot on over with a new windshield?
    Now, Sara I would like to be Facebook friends with. I bet her page is full of similar self-unawareness for the amusement of all.
    Natalie’s comment about mixed-gender friends was great, but Graham should have de-friended his ex’s mom before now. Too bad the ex didn’t comment; that would have been popcorn-worthy. Maybe Eileen will discover Lamebook and entertain me in the comments section.

  20. Excellent, I’ve always wanted to learn Irish Gaelic, and obviously the most important thing to learn first is how to tell someone to kiss my ass!
    Arayea, I knew someone (in the US) who was definitely NOT from Ireland/Scotland but who would go around saying ‘oh aye’ all the time… one must wonder if that’s what happened here.

  21. I’ll try to remember that as well, just to thoroughly confuse people. I was around too many accents as a young child, so mine will change randomly. I was around southern/ redneck-ese, Irish, Scottish, CA/ neutral, so my voice is all over the place more than a bunny’s cock in mating season.

  22. I’d buy your analysis arayea, except for all the times someone has posted as an “English speaking American” on Facebook and put us all to shame similarly. Idiocy knows no bounds.

  23. @mad2 – you pronounce it pogue mahone. You know the Pogues? Well this is what they took their name from.

  24. Can’t wait til we get to see Sara’s relationship change to “Single”

  25. Sweet, thanks Curly – was wondering how that would be pronounced. I’ll use that now at work… I mean not at work… yeah.

    Sara, rule of thumb: if he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you.

    Keona, “all over the place more than a bunny鈥檚 cock in mating season” is win-tastic.

  26. I would have liked to see it enhanced to ‘_boneless_ bunny cock’ but I did enjoy the analogy.

  27. And Comments, now you have ‘I won’t do it with you, I’ll do it to you; I hope that some gets caught in your mouth,’ stuck in my head.

  28. It looks like the time of perversion is slowly but surely creeping in again. Oh, happy day! Sorry mad, you know me, I forget things..
    *boneless bunny cock*

    I’m going to go post 鈥淧贸g Mo Th贸n” on my facebook and be an attention whore like Cait.

  29. curly, The Pogues = so cool.

  30. @ word – apart from the teeth haha. Well hey it’s Friday night, a bit of the Pogues and a wee drink – Slainte 馃槈

  31. I know… fucking nasty.

  32. Yea true that! I could be wrong, but I reeeeally think it’s a fake Northern Irish post! Ha ha, C谩it’s name isn’t spelled wrong, that’s Irish too 馃槢

  33. Oooh and I totally agree…Shane McGowan looked much better with no teeth! 馃榾

  34. lather.rinse.repeat

    I prefer to read it “you fucking pokemon” 馃檪 just me I think haha

  35. @19- to defend my name, like arayea said its not ‘kate’ spelt badly it’s short for Caitlin.

  36. No expert here but I do love all accents of the UK region and if I had to put money on it, I’d say Irish. I don’t know why… cuz it could easily be Scottish too. But Irish is just what I’m feeling for some reason. *shrug*

    And omg @ lather that was what went through my mind when I first read it too. Then I thought it was an insult towards someone of some Oriental culture for whatever reason.

  37. oh scottish for sure – irish for kiss my arse is pogue (as in THE POGUES the folk/punk group) mahon – has nobody on here ever read an Irvine Welsh book?? this is basically what each page is like – he’s awesome!! Wrote trainspotting…..god now I am showing my age lol

  38. I haven’t. 馃檨 Heard of Trainspotting mentioned many times and of its epicness but never seen it. Would like to.

  39. All I heard was,
    “You’re grown, so grown/ Now I must say more than ever/ Come on Eileen!/ Toora loora toora loo rye ay!/ And we can sing just like our fathers

    Come on Eileen, oh I swear what he means/At this moment, you mean everything/ With you in that dress my thoughts I confess/ Verge on dirty, ah come on Eileen!”

  40. crakers

  41. @Shelley. R.O Ireland is not in the UK region! Geographically it’s in the British Isles, but it has nothing to do with the UK. it’s defo a Scottish accent, the Irish don’t use that dialect of Gaeilge. Eileen is a feckin mad yoke!

  42. LOOOOL poke mahone :’)

    Not even just Scottish, it’s Glaswegian. Anyone who says this is Irish does not have a clue and is not from Ireland or obviously Scotland..

  43. Don’be so sure of yourelf jenny. Thought I’d look into this and here we go ….

    p貌g mo th貌in – Scottish spelling

    p贸g mo th贸in – Irish spelling

    Just the accents are different. So obviously we need to look at the rest of the comment to decide whether it’s Scottish or Irish. I’m going with Scottish.

    Ps Mad2 – thought you might be interested in this website – That’s if you see this message since its so far back lol

  44. nah, i was just laughing at the fact she used that, i wasnt basing my decision on that alone.

    “aye good yin. act yer age missus.” sold it to me. deffo glasgow

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