Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cause and Effect



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  1. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Brian, you are the kind of lad that would go to a titty bar and not look at the beautiful display boobies and ass on stage. You sir are a moron!

  3. sounds like your standard chav except paranoid and possibly shcizophrenic

    oh yay for the future of the human race

  4. What is the point of the first one?

    Second one, well, there’s a reason Brian is not spelled the same as ‘brain’.

  5. Really? Burgers really? You have no idea? Its him all proud of his new bike. Time passes. He’s crashed it probably totaled it and is covered in ouchies. Probably soon after he got it too.

  6. I guess the idiot wasn’t wearing a helmet judging by the mark on his head.

    Brian stay outta the burbs.
    And the woods.

  7. By legal trouble I think he means ‘I’m too pretty to go to jail’
    because he’s certainly not smart, so he must be pretty. or something.

    top dude is a douche. Who buys a bike they can’t handle? oh wait, pretty much every dickhead I know who owns a bike and is stupid enough to post it on facebook for all to see. Idiot.

  8. The first one isn’t funny or even really that lame. My husband and I bought a bike this summer, and we had an accident. It wasn’t because we couldn’t handle it, it was because he didn’t realize there was a patch of gravel where we were turning. The road rash I got was so bad that 4 months later the scar still itches and there is still gravel embedded in it.

    I get that the guy was bragging, but so did we. Granted, ours was a starter bike and it wasn’t anywhere near as new or nice as his…but at least our friends weren’t dickheaded enough to post the statuses on Lamebook. (And I wasn’t stupid enough to post pictures!)

  9. worst_episode_ever

    hahahaha i seriously laughed really really hard.. i cant understand why joseph posted pics of his shirtless bruised body on fb?? like, is he proud that he wiped out his bike? what are ppl thinking when the post shit like this… and brian, if no one was watching you in the “burbs” they sure are now. idiot. way to avoid legal troublessssss

  10. Neither of these idiots has any brians.

  11. I love Charles Darwin.

  12. The darwin theory didn’t quite get achieved in these posts. If only. Mind you, if the darwin theory did come through they wouldn’t have been able to posts on fb/Lb

    I know what I mean.

  13. Thesaurapist,
    I am surprised the word ‘brians’ isnt a moderated word! being as though a-d-m-i-n and f-l-e-x-o are…

  14. KAOSS, really, they mod for the ‘F’ word?
    Wow, that’s bizarre . . . and in a strange way, doesn’t that mean f-l-e-x-o has had a win?

  15. Yeah, the F word is a no no, and we’re not talking about fuck.
    I suppose he had a win but I don’t think he can post here anymore, or if he can post he’s watched allot for his stupid arguments.

    He is still overall a big FAIL.

  16. @Kaoss: I know what you mean. If the Darwinian theory had of been achieved, we would not be blessed with the blunders of Facebook, on Lamebook. Does that help?

  17. Josrph deserves to slam into a semi for riding a yamaha!
    hope he dies next time

  18. @Metalcraze

    Why so frustrated? Didn’t you get enough cuddles from your mommy when you were a baby?
    It’s so sad to say you hope somebody dies just because they have the wrong ride? Are you from the fashionpolice or what?

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns


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