Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Butties


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  1. Do you think there was a mirror in front of them and they were comparing sizes – someone just happened to snag this shot?

  2. One of my friends on Facebook has a picture JUST like that, except there’s only 3 guys.

  3. Is this before or after the daisy chain?

  4. it’s ok…they called “no homo” first…

  5. “it’s ok…they called “no homo” first…”

    I love the O&A reference.

  6. is this a still of the deleted scene from sleepers?

  7. Maybe the butts out wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t clinging to each other so tightly.

  8. Yeah nothing gay about it…

  9. There’s something about semi-naked (and naked) guys hugging that makes me cringe and very sick this Christmas morn. *Salutes Lamebook!

  10. Wow. Thanks for not marking this NWS.

  11. The guy in the middle is getting a little low with those hands compared to the rest. That said, they’re all equally gay.

  12. *correction* I just noticed they are actually standing in front of mirrors – you can see the reflection of a face in the background……..

  13. ‘TOTAL BRO TIME!!!’ is maybe the best thing I’ve read all day.

  14. Ive heard of circle jerks but never did I think Id see the before picture. Im getting the voms thinking about the after. BLARGH!

  15. Obviously, the guy in the middle is enjoying it. lol

  16. worst_episode_ever

    who the fuck does this?? look the guy on the left is shy, doesnt have his butt out all the way like the other guys lol

  17. Guy on the right’s starting the wank wave.

  18. Why would it be NSFW? What a boring, uptight work environment.

    They’re all looking at something to the right and down…Hmmmmm

  19. So, according to the caption they were best friends for life. Aha. There probably was an “incident” during this modelling session.

  20. Bromosexuals.

  21. The “incident” was more than likely started with everyone looking at the far right guys wang thinking ‘I want me a piece of that’.

    #’s 20 & 17: LMAO

  22. This looks like an advert for Abercrombie & Fitch…

    …and rather than stare at that closet, isn’t it about time that they all came out of the closet?

  23. I’d tag this as ‘eye candy’ were it not for the guy on the far right, and the fact that they all seem slightly underage.

    Go away, Chris Hansen.

  24. I must know how this photo came to happen. Do you figure they were all together playing scrabble and one of them said “Hey guys, you know what would be really fun? Lets get someone to take a picture of us all linked together with our butts out. Then we can post it on facebook as proof that we are REALLY best buddies!”

  25. Aww, a Jonas Brother sleepover.

  26. beautifuldisasterxo

    @Lalaizo3 LOL

  27. Lol, the only thing I can think of is another one of their best buddies coming up and slapping them on the back of their heads with a giant dildo… priceless.

  28. at least they aren’t fat, ugly douches…they’re just douches.

  29. Caramel_Princess

    I must say that they all have nice bottoms. Except for the chubby one @ the end. Barf.

  30. My friends and I took a picture like this, but we’re all facing the camera and cupping each others balls…Too much??

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