Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 Much



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  1. Nothing like a nice big shit

  2. I’m with Erika on this one, WHAT THE FUCK, for both of them.

  3. The first one is crying out for a picture.

    As for the second one… “Our big black friend”? Do they share a dildo or something? And why would moving it to Meghan’s pillow mean that Erika gets the blame?

  4. I got all the way to the end of the second post before I realized they weren’t talking about an actual black man. The story was much less amusing after that.

  5. Shit on a spin art and turned it on. Nice description.

  6. I wanna picture!
    And Sensible, me too. It was an odd picture, a giant black dude lying on her dresser…

  7. seriously, pics or it didn’t happen on the first one.

  8. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    I had to clean up a mess like that once. I was working for a restaurant and had bathroom duty. I walked into the handicapped stall and it looked like someone stuck a showerhead up their ass.

    I cleaned it up and then got back to work, making your salads 😉

  9. i’d like to think i have a sophisticated and well-developed sense of humour, but honestly, whenever the topic of world class shitting arises i positively crease up with laughter.

  10. I’m with Alas. Do they share the dildo. If so that fucking gross.

  11. I hope Meghan cleans it before Erika uses it.

  12. @ Sensible Madness: Holy shit, if it weren’t for you I would not have been able to comprehend that. For some reason my brain was just not thinking ‘dildo’. I was thinking, “what a bitch, just because he’s a black man who passes out on a dresser, doesn’t give you the right to refer to him as an object.” oh man, I’m an idiot…

    and I agree with poopface…who wouldn’t take a picture of that shit? and it just sounds fake.

  13. No, totally not fake. It is possible, trust me. I have seen things… horrible things… things that defy gravity, physics, and any ethical code you can ever imagine…

  14. This is the funniest post in a while I lmao

    MNic sounds traumatic, why don’t you share?

  15. No, nono, Nononono! Nightmares… will …. return… I think I just barfed a little in my mouth… Frickin’ fast food restaurants…

  16. I like turtles.

  17. @Zombie Kid -I’m sorry, but I’ve seen you post that same comment countless times and I have to ask; Are you a Zombie that prefers to eat turtles instead of human flesh or are you a lifelong fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  18. haha, who hasn’t been in that situation.

  19. Well, shit.

    I’m sorry, that was fucking awful.

  20. How does one “accidentally” put shit in a windex bottle?

  21. What’s with the 1 minute ago post and the 2 seconds ago post in the last one?

    Something smells fishy, and it’s not the big black, probably unwashed dildo that is being passed around these dirty girls.

    I bet their way of deciding if the last person washed it is similar to me deciding if the shirt on the floor is clean enough for another day. *sniff* … *shrug* … *go with it*

  22. Y nobody says anything about Gil? He should definitely be the president of the entire milky way. Too funny. Whether he’s serious or not (i hope he is).

  23. gil ftw! tho brookie’s pretty cool too 😉

  24. So…are the last two sharing the “big black friend?” I’ve never heard of a community dildo…gross.

  25. Slanderous Princess

    Of course they share the dildo. Nothin wrong with that, it get’s busted out right after the pillow fight! Lighten up!

  26. @Slanderous Princess: Your ideas intrigue me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  27. When I read the second one, first I thought that a large black girl had passed out on the dresser. Then I changed it to a black man. Then I decided it was a small black man, if it was so easily movable. Then I realized what the hell they were actually talking about. But I hope that these three girls don’t share this “friend”. Also I don’t understand how moving it to Meghan’s pillow means Erika gets blamed, but that’s okay.

  28. @ 25

    You’ve never heard of sharing? It’s most likely a double ended one so they can use it at the same time haha

  29. Slanderous Princess

    LOL, I just can’t believe how uptight people can be. Why would they hope no sharing is happening? Are they the fun police? It’s all good as long as everyone practices good hygiene plus those things are expensive. Sharing is both more fun and economical. And at least we know nobody’s getting knocked up!:)

  30. It sounds like someone’s done a Jackson Pollock style shite and no mistake! Although I must admit the cries requesting photographic evidence have quite disturbed me, I have no desire to see faeces sandblasted across the cubicle walls. I have subscribed to very specific web-sites to meet with all my poop requirements thank you very much.

    The thought that there are college girls out there going to town on each others love boxes with big black dildos keeps me warm at night. All the movies are true! Fucking true I tell ya!

  31. @Slanderous Princess

    I agree with your sentiments. I know that as a male, when I was in college I would share my cum rag with my roommate. After a few dozens “uses”, it’s completely ruined for dishwashing, so it’s such a waste. Might as well only only ruin one rag/sock/teddy bear, rather than each person in the room ruining one of his own.

  32. @mcowles

    Teddy bear? Gives new meaning to the term “fluffer”.

  33. @mcowles, that is funny as.

  34. I think I finally understand the sharing of dildos conundrum.


  35. The sharing of dildos is a beautiful thing, and should not be disparaged. In fact it should be encouraged, and filmed, as much as possible.

  36. Sensible Madness’s comments always just make sense

  37. on the massive poo, LMFAO! I have seen this phenomenon. It exists. I walked into the bathroom of my local grocery store with my then 4 yr old daughter. I will never forget what I saw there. Never. I will never stop wondering how they got the shit spatter on the CEILIING for the love of all things holy and good. I wonder if there is some sort of forensics that could . . . nevermind, I gotta get that image back out of head.

    On the dildo share, dur. These ladies obviously had an evening of mutual fun, you know, like, together and then forgot to pick up their well used toy when they left in the morning.

    Erika is probably the one whose bedroom they were in for whatever reason. WTF! indeed Erika. WTF indeed. Your nasty friends left a used big black marital aid laying on your pillow.


  38. Who the hell would share a dildo? Seriously nasty! You use one, wash it off (definitely needs to be done!) and put it back into your top drawer of your night stand, next to the lube. You DO NOT loan it to your roommate/friend/neighbor to get her love juices all over it. Nasty.

  39. did it ever occur to any of you guys that Meghan and Brookie might be lesbians?

  40. @saracuda

    LOL I don’t think people understand what happened here. This is what I got from the story:

    Erika and Meghan share a room. Erika was out for the night while Meghan and Brookie had some lesbian fun, before Meghan left. Meg left their friend on her own dresser. The RA doesn’t know whose dresser that is, so he/she could think it’s Erika’s. Brookie was smart and placed the dildo under MEGHAN’s pillow before they left.

    Erika says WTF because gross, everything happened in the room they share.

  41. Personally, I don’t think Meghan and Brookie are lesbians.
    Erika sounds pretty cool, though.


  43. bonnie told me our post was on this!!! i cant believe it is! hahaha yah i remember that ughh it was so nasty…. definitely feces spin art

  44. @PaulinaC Glad to see you’ve located the caps lock button. ^_^

  45. 2 Much:

    That nasty asshole needs to be arrested and charged with vandalism & endangering the public health. After they are forced to clean all that shit up.

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