Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keep It on the Down Low

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  1. Yours*

  2. Quintin – I’m quite upset, I seem to be hearing a lot of unfair opinions about this situation

    Chris – My Lord Quint here I assure you is not one of THOSE types.. I swear he loves women’s parts…

    Agealena – I do declare, this conversation tickles my funnybones. Have you but heard of ‘Down Low Brothers’, Chris? Have you ever heard of ‘trapped in the dressing-room’? Have you ever heard of denial? I will continue to laugh but will further stay out of this conversation as I assure you my Lady Siani is true to herself… himself…

    Chris – Why Chris has been my Lord for a cows age, and I will always stand by him through any storm!

    Agealena – My dear Lady Siani, as impossible as it is to tell her gender, is also my true friend and companion, and she is nothing if not honest. But I do declare, it is noble of you to have your Lord Quint’s back. I too would prefer to think of my friends only engaging in socially-acceptable behavior.

    Chris – Who is this Lady Siani?

    Chris – I do admit, I don’t full understand the situation, I am merely declaring my unswerving fealty towards Lord Quint.

    Agealena – Why, Lady Siani is this lady/ man in question! She is what this whole discussion is about!

    Chris – Is she a member of Facebook?

    Agealena – Let me explain the situation: Your Lord Quint has been alledged to have engaged in intercourse with Lady Siani, whose gender is somewhere caught in the middle of male and female. Lord Quint knew this before and while he was engaged with her.

    Angealena – She is Lady Siani (Last name hidden)

    Chris – Blah blah

    Chris – Blah

    Quintin – I am most appaled, Agea. Somebody told me Lady Siani was both man and woman, but I my heart and loins long only for a true woman, thus Lady Siani was not for me. I declare: I am not a lover of men, or a lover of women-men. Secondly, I indulged Lady Siani in rumours that other ill-tongued people had spoken of her. I am so angry that I declare: pistols at dawn for any who oppose me, because I am in a foul mood!

    Agealena – Please be more considerate of who you are speaking to for you are offending me, good sir

    Agea: Please be advised good sir, that not only could I beat you in pistols at dawn, but I am a fearsome wench in other areas of life.

    Quintin – I am no longer worried, though I act as such. I am not a man-lover, and that said: I would like to move on with my life now and forget this situation and conversations afterward. Though I have previously declared I DID know she was a tranny, I now declare that I infact, did NOT, making me incredibly unbelievable. Nevertheless, we have been acting childish. It was a mistake and has been blown out of proportion by lies

    Aaron – Oh I say, are you a man-lover?

    Quintin – Lady Siani has been spreading horrible lies. That is all. Good day to you all. *tips his top-hat towards the crowd and leaves*

  3. That is truly awesome, anotherllama! I’m tempted to do it in kiwi/Maori slang now.
    I don’t know why you’re all complaining of headaches, I think it’s quite a fun little puzzle, understanding this kinda thing.

  4. What Dukey said. This is what Lamebook’s supposed to be here for, not endless one liners about Justin Bieber and Twilight.

  5. What Dukey said. This is what Lamebook’s supposed to be here for, not endless one liners about Justin Bieber and Twilight, or pictures of fat people with hard-ons.

  6. Why’d it send twice?

  7. Siani’s sex is listed as “Female,” so I can see why Quintin would be easily duped.

  8. how do you people find these fb people w/ only their first name? “siani” gives hundreds of responses….

  9. Thank you those who attempted to translate that mess of a facebook post.

  10. I don’t get why it’s necessary to write in their stupid fucking dialect as well. I wonder if they write the same way on their school work? I’m not saying be a total fucking grammar Nazi, but at least write in a way that doesn’t require you to read over it more than twice in order to decipher that bullshit.

  11. Finally, a good translation-needed post!

  12. Elli and anotherllama – those are precious skills you have. Hold on to them, for they will be worth a lot one day.

  13. I am in fkn stitches!!
    These comments are much funnier than anything Lamebook has ever posted.
    Thank you everyone, just made my day.
    And I learned a new word – Ebonics. Brilliant.


    All of your translations have me laughing my butt off.
    I’m… My sides literally hurt from laughing so hard.
    Especially Anotherllama’s. SO funny!

    😀 😀 😀

  15. cainraw, there’s stupid people everywhere, not just the South.

  16. *there are, meep

  17. Found all guilty parties. They’re all from Laurel, Seaford, Bridgville, DE. Easy to tell Siani is a tranny.

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