Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. David does seem like a douche.

  2. Bachelor o farts.. LOL

  3. I LOVE how Aisha spelled it wrong twice.

  4. with the job market how it is, we all have a bachelor of farts.

  5. Alyssa’s is recycled from Texts From Last Night, fail.

  6. Hey Lamebook folks, start reading TFLN!

  7. I take back my LOL, it’s not so funny when it’s copied..

  8. What is the typo on Fati’s?

  9. No joke about the BA o farts… I had to pay to sell my soul to graduate school at my unniversity so I will have the ablity to at least put myself above the cesspool of BA graduates so someone will higher me. Cheap education can be good, but damn there are DEFINITLY too many retardet graduates now. I hope I am not waisting my time because waist makes me mad too.

  10. Fuck it, I’m not saying it again.

  11. Nice job Stam!

  12. “Alyssa’s is recycled from Texts From Last Night, fail.”

    THANK YOU! I kept thinking “Didn’t I already read this on here?” Nope, it was on textfromlastnight.com

  13. @chicky_monkey: she says inablity instead in inabIlity. I read it like 6 times before I caught it. Lamebook submitters are fucking snipers!

  14. @chicky_monkey – Fati spelled inability incorrectly. He/she left out an i.

    Well done, Stam!

  15. I have seen the bachelor o farts one before too on TFLN and recycled by people on FB… However, I must admit, I laugh every. single. time.

    Maybe I have the maturity 12 year old boy, but you throw the word fart in a sentence and it is instantly hysterical.

    …and for some reason everytime I read “bachelor o farts” I HAVE to say it in an Irish accent in my head…

  16. Well at least Natalie didn’t say “definately”. She was kind of on her way to getting it right.

  17. Thanks chicky_monkey and LoriZig, the sad part is it’s true 🙁 but the good part is I’m so caddy and snarky I can take out my frustration on these poor souls! 😀

  18. @Stam–the proper term is “catty”. That made your comment extra gold for me.

  19. Damn straight Mitchellaneous.

  20. Maybe I’m missing something, but the first one seems more a Winsday post than a Tuesday TypOH.

  21. what’s wrong with fati’s post? i can’t figure it out for the life of me

  22. people actually use the pirate translation?

  23. lol

  24. Fati spelled “properly” just fine, so she doesn’t need to die. That’s what she was complaining about, right?

    Surely it wasn’t about people who are unable to spell the word “inability”, since she obviously has issues with that one.

  25. Fati spelled inability INABLITY, and therefore, should die.

  26. How the fuck do you forget to check if your own degree is spelled right before a job fair?? Spell check??

  27. SPELL CHECK!? are YOU serious?! as far as i’m concerned o and farts are both words. Spell check doesnt help for typing errors like that….

  28. oh. that’s just a small typo. that’s hardly funny or deserving of death

  29. I know many people with a Bachelor o farts degree.
    My brother graduated with Honours.
    The ex, his Masters.

  30. Why don’t you chill the fuck out “babycake21”? I’m not talking about a computer spell check, I’m talking about a common review of your own resume. Take a god damn valium.

  31. wordpervert ftw.

  32. Back when I first started handing out resumes, I had one interviewer ask me how I enjoyed sate college? Yup, I misspelled my college name on my resume.

  33. @katypants, I too say it in my head with an irish accent. That’s hilarious.

  34. @donsimon you seem to miss the entire point of lamebook

  35. @danetta, no, the typohs are often the worst bits of lamebook

  36. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA BA o farts, that is awesome.

    Retardet > Retart now.

  37. Brad wins.

  38. http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/Text-Replies-14700.html

    Please stop saying that’s a funny Lamebook submission.

  39. mehh I know for a fact that people that post things on texts from last night often make them up or rip them off from something they have seen. TFLN might have ripped lamebook off you don’t really know

  40. LMAO at bachelor o FARTS!
    And Fati, Thank God that your wish wont come true…. otherwise consider your ass dead!

  41. @duckandcover
    The fact that it was on TFLN doesn’t make it any less funny to me. Who cares.

  42. @gawds Hahahaha! Your comment made me laugh harder than the bachelor o farts one. Ah, ahahahahaha

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