Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Read ’em & Weep

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  1. My mom has the best nuts

  2. worst post ever.

  3. the last one is laughable..

    I am not sure I understand the tattoo

    the lady with the oreo hair..*shakes head*

  4. Run and tell that homeboy

  5. I dunno if anyone noticed, but you can actualy see the person’s facebook page in the background (tattooguy)

  6. Don’t drop the bag or you might end up with a couple of busted nuts.

    I hate myself for that.

  7. ahhhh thank you Nyx. It all makes sense now. Well the tattoo is still LAME

  8. I think I figured out the true lameness in the first one. $4 for a fucking flavored iced tea? Inflation sucks!

  9. The tattoo intrigues me. The Oreo logo is a penis.

  10. nice catch 10

  11. although it’s a poorly done tattoo, the “run and tell that” is fuckin awesome!

  12. Oreo. I thought it… but I ain’t sayin’ it. mmmm creamy white filling.

  13. Run and tell that was my link for a while till Youtube took down my link.

    “They are rapin’ errbody out here”

  14. I can NOT believe someone actually went and got a tattoo of Antoine Dodson, much less a crappy one in which it looks like he’s got a black eye. That whole story will have been forgotten in less than a month.

    It must be one of those press-on kinds of ‘tattoos’.

  15. The only thing that made the tattoo one vaguely funny is that there’s an ad on the side of my page for some supposedly funny tshirts and the female model is the spitting image of the wide open mouthed face in the tattoo.

  16. Also, Mom’s Nuts charges way too much for iced tea.

  17. last one is awesome.

  18. What? The last one is just the shitty joke from the other day but with another line underneath that doesn’t make it any funnier.

  19. That looks like I’m yelling at the person who commented before me when I’m really yelling at… the internet. Redundantly.

  20. Stop yelling at the internet!

  21. I am no longer intrigued by the tattoo. Antoine Dodson, eh? I had a long argument with someone over whether that clip belonged on the news or not.

  22. I was actually a bit disgruntled at the last one too, Hobo. *shakes fist at Internet*

  23. anybody else notice it says “man cosmetics” behind the oreo loving fah-reak!!

  24. “beauty powered by man cosmetics” lol

  25. Beauty and Oreos do go hand in hand.

  26. After googling Antoine Dodson, the tattoo makes more sense. Having said that, if someone requested that in my studio I would absolutely refuse to do it!

  27. I went to Jesus Unlimited University for a semester, but got expelled for suggesting that God might not really care all that much about the result of the annual rivalry football game against Buddha Tech.

  28. Wow, I watched that Antoine Dodson news story, they really recorded a threat and put it on the news, I mean really? Definitely the sort of news you’d expect to see :S. Still class though, “…and hide your husbands because they rapin’ errbody out here.”

  29. Hide you kids hide you wife an hide yo husband cuz they rapping errbody out here.

    haha I love it. (: I donn’t think that tatto is lame, but would be annoyinng to explain everytime.

  30. With the amount that Nabisco is paying her. I would do the same to my bush and happily show it off.

    Or she just wants to be sandwiched by two white guys.

  31. I’m sorry, I had that all wrong. What I should have said was she wants to be Double Stuffed.

  32. @epicloser she looks double stuffed! actually…I think she sparked an idea for Nabisco. They might try triple stuffed soon!

  33. Now I want a chocolate twinkie.

  34. That Oreo logo definitely looks like a penis…Obviously, she as penis on the brain which is never a bad thing.

    As for the whole Antoine Dodson/”run and tell dat, homeboy” thing, I’ve never seen someone become “famous” over as horrible of an incident as his sister being almost raped….then again, the song is catchy.

  35. The only thing dumb about the last one is that it’s at a hair show, and all the stylist did was pin/glue a wrapper applique on the woman’s head. I swear, those hair shows just go for shock instead of actual styles, regardless of their wear-ability.

  36. dirtylittlepretty

    just to clarify things…the sign behind the ‘Oreo’ girl says Beauty presented by in the Somali model..married to David Bowie..she has a cosmetic line for black women.

    in my opinion that was the most interesting thing about this entire post…how fucking lame.

  37. dirtylittlepretty

    and also, who doesn’t love getting double stuffed??

  38. #4: One of the best hairdos ever

  39. friend request denied.

    We gon’ find you.

  40. 🙂 yeah i know it says IMAN.

  41. Does a grown ass woman really have oreo stickers on her head? Really?

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