Monday, August 20, 2012

Too Much Information

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  1. According to LMAMofo, no woman is too old to score him.

  2. Not funny, then after I have to google Cunnilngus, it’s still not funny.

  3. ^ The fact that you had to Google “cunnilingus” is fucking hilarious!

  4. ^ Hahahaha KID zombie indeed.

  5. What is it about fucking retards and their need to say lmfao all the time? Is it a symptom of their brains being slowly eaten away by a malignant stupidity?

  6. Correct^.

  7. Never heard of it before…where I come from, we call it a BJ.

  8. Fellatio is a blow job. If your source told you cunnilingus is that, get a new source

  9. I’m sure all of Kenneth’s family will be very happy to know he excels at eating pussy.

    kid zombie, you’re funny. Now tell us what you think a prostate is.

  10. Fuck off.

  11. I can see Clare’s future: in a month there will be a status update berating Kenneth for being a cheating shit, because he’ll have been eating out all of Clare’s friends.

    Ladies, it’s not a good idea to advertise your significant other’s sexual prowess.

  12. too much fail/fake/fagg

  13. a prostate is a woman who does sexual favors for money you dumb ass.

  14. me! pick me! i want a dusty second-hand vibrator! are the batteries leaking, too?

  15. hahahaha kid zombie whats your real name because you must be featured on lamebook quite a bit.

  16. ^hahahaha, you too, dickhead.
    under ‘complete punctuation fucking fails’.

  17. Ms I think you need the petrol version.. or possibly one with a fission reactor

    I don’t think that’s a google admission you really want to make in public Kid… a cunning linguist you are not

  18. I remember when I first found out what cunnilingus was.

    Thanks mum.

  19. ^ This guy. I’m never shocked anymore, thanks to you, mofo.

    Kid Zombie’s trolling was actually pretty funny, though I don’t think he knew what cunnilingus actually was.

    I agree with Bacchante. Kenneth will be like, “oh my, I have the herpiss now!”

  20. ^I really didnt know sir. Im not a doctor or a scientist. It’s like using the word coitus(which I didn’t know learn until a few years ago). Who the fuck says that, unless it says phd on your lab coat?

  21. ^you’ll probably hear your defense lawyer say it quite a bit. after ‘non-consensual’.

  22. ^ Fucking HA!

  23. I’d advise people not to let kid ZOMBIE anywhere NEAR their genitals, for obvious reasons. Now he’s gonna go around picking up new victims under the premise of bringing them home for dinner…he’s going to redefine the meaning of eating out.

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