Monday, August 20, 2012

And isn’t it ironic…Part 2

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  1. Only more ons self-submit Dave.

  2. Kyle, is that your signature mating call?

  3. A man just walked by my office with a walking stick, a hiking pack, and a giant rubber ducky.

  4. Fake.

  5. Anyone else think Kyle sounds like he’s in the throes of passion?

  6. fail/fake/fagg

  7. how paranoid are your orgasms, frankie?

  8. I know where Kyle is coming from you guys. I fucking hate the More ons too.

    They turn up on your doorstep, trying to get you to join their weird sect and sell you their shitty Bible book thing. Religious cunts.

  9. I wasn’t speaking from my own experience, Anne. I just saw the caps lock and the ‘fuck.. fuckin more’, put that together with his trucker cap and bum fluff and came up with hillbilly sex talk…

    I thought about that too much, didn’t I?

  10. Boo Berry has paranoid orgasms.

  11. I just like the idea of you glaring defiantly into the shadows while you have ‘throes of passion’.

    it sounds hot.

  12. um.. thanks?


  14. ^ Boo Berry?

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