Monday, August 20, 2012

And isn’t it ironic…Part 1

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  1. Julie, give up.

  2. Julie must be going to community collage.

  3. Welcome to college Julie.

  4. Why is Julie feeling other peoples’ behinds? Doesn’t she know that’s sexual harassment, especially in the DA’s office?

  5. Sorry, not Julie, Carrie.

  6. Julie is fake.

  7. T2000 is real.

  8. That’s not ironic, it’s hypocritical. Dumbfuck.

  9. Please tell me ‘the DAs office’ is some type of fast food joint in the US? She can’t possibly have got a job somewhere that requires a written resume.

  10. ^it’s a bit of a fucking worry what is going on in that office.

    but I’ve read quite a bit about the legal process in the US, and it seems pretty clear that carrie is obviously the DA and her cadre of highly-professional staff are there to assist her.

    I think Tommy might be a judge, though. he has a quiet, solemn dignity.

  11. and isn’t it fail/fake/fagg

  12. also pointing out here that if a giant, semi-articulate phallus like that fucking dopey kutcher prick says that something is a ‘burn’, I immediately sympathize with the other party. on principle.
    because fuck you, kutcher.

  13. I love how Emily replied to Carrie, “Well said carrie xx hope your ok xx.”
    I mean, come-fucking-on. Really? I don’t think Carrie is the DA, MsAnne, I think she is the janitor. Not that there aren’t plenty of idiot District Attorney’s. Methinks she might have possibly just name-dropped that office to sound all important so no one knew she was the one scrubbing crusted diarrhea off the sides of the bathroom stalls.

    Or she could be the DA.

  14. I just finished my collage of Hawkins, Da Vinci, Plato, Curie, Darwin, Aristotle and Einstein. Does any know how I can get in touch with Julie so she can see it?

  15. ^hey, you’re back. good.

  16. ^Hey, yourself. I tried a few other sites and was banned instantly! I’m going to guess you’ve run up against that too. Idiots really hate when you call them idiots.

  17. ^ fucking A.

  18. try calling them idiots while you swear at them, too. sparks, I tell ya. sparks.

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