Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Timin’ Tony

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Brittany didn’t politely decline anything that night. Tony had sex with her AND she took the head band home to take a picture of it and post to Facebook.

  2. That’s not a headband. It’s the underwire from a broken bra.

  3. ^ That must be a big bitch… Bra underwire only covers half the tittie, right?

  4. That’s a Nuva Ring for a large medieval woman.

  5. BTW, beatusmongous… I wanted to ask this, cuz I have tried and not been able to… How do I add an image to my profile?

  6. And rakes will be rakes!

  7. I do not get it… the slut in this story is clearly Tony, as he is the one who (with varying success) tries to have sex with anything female… and it seems he is a (nowadays) single slut, so no reason to complain over his partners publicly…

  8. Brittany sounds like no girl any guy would ever want.

  9. She sure did jump to conclusions.

  10. Velocirobber, unfortunately, it has been years since I’ve updated the photo. I believe I did it right inside my WordPress account, which updated it here and any other WordPress site.

  11. Thanks, beatus.

  12. Oh! That’s my headband/bra wire/Nuva Ring!

  13. Fakr

  14. velocirrober, try gravatar.

  15. She’s making a lot of assumptions there.

  16. I have to assume that Brittany (a whore’s name if ever I heard one) is fb friends with all the local and non-local whores in her area. Otherwise, what is the point of this statement?

  17. looks like a kid’s headband.


  18. fail/fake/fagg

  19. If she didn’t take the headband home,
    How the hell did she get a photo of it?

  20. ^ You don’t have a camera on your mobile phone? What do you have; like, one of those lethal Nokias or something?

  21. my nokia has a camera.

  22. Nah, I mean one of these ones:
    www .,r:2,s:150,i:199

    You know, the type of phone that, given enough force, would allow you to cave in a skull… if you were so inclined.

  23. Fucking hell. Look at that link, wouldya?

  24. yeah. I did look at it. from here. it made me believe you enough to not bother actually copy-pasting that just to see a picture of a phone.

  25. Fair enough too.

  26. hardly creative insults and obviously butthurt 🙂

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