Friday, October 25, 2013

Emily FTW

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  1. This girl is going to end up being friends with Sonya from the “I Got An Abortion” post. I now know MTV has plenty of material for the 16 and Preggers show…

  2. I know another 6th grader who needs a gf…

  3. STEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR is the F’in man! Don’t need no thirsty ass rachet bitch!

  4. Marie needs a good backhand to the face.

  5. I’d fuck the clueless little bitch; burst her wide open!

  6. ^^ The weird-out feeling you get when someone says they would fuck a 6th grader….

  7. ^^ then realizing it was noob sauce and that federal mandated castration for serial offenders have prevented him from maintaining an erection since 1996.

  8. ^in a perfect world

  9. I’m wondering what happened in Noobsauce’s life to turn him from posting mild swearing to sexual violence.. puberty?

  10. If you keep being desperate, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  11. Haha bawls is a gay homo

  12. That’s a double negative, so, thanks I guess?

  13. Nancy responded I’m alarmed that a single mom able to profit ($)8420 in four weeks on the computer. her latest blog… Fb39.COM

  14. Guys named Steve are always the biggest cunts. Must be genetic. Or prosaic. Either way, Steve’s are cunts.

  15. thatsitshebawls – it’s a double positive.

  16. Nancy never responded. Lies.

  17. Agree, patton, but they’re also usually gay. Gay cunts, the lost of ’em.

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