Monday, August 20, 2012

Get Real

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  1. I am going to have a lot of fun with this.

  2. OMG another sandwich joke! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO tee hee hee. So tell us, Clayton: have you gotten an actual boner yet? And not the kind that just happened inconveniently 10 seconds before the teacher asked you to come up and write an answer on the blackboard?

  3. we in this sandwich joke bullshit for the long haul, then?
    this should go well.

  4. We need more hamburger jokes.

  5. ^ Nah, hot dogs or sausage jokes, maybe (even scrapple) – but hamburger jokes are just too well-done.

    By the way, Melissa is actually right.

  6. Ahhh…scrapple! Best parts of the pig!

  7. Gonna take this moment to ask why any woman ever goes on about “the good old days” like the one pictured. You mean when when our work choices were pretty much nurse or secretary or do you miss the whole “your husband can legally beat the shit out of you” thing?

  8. sandwich fail fake fagg

  9. Women should reclaim the ‘sandwhich meme’ for themselves.

    ‘Hey Motherfucker how do we do that?!’ I hear you all screech in your screamy high pitched lady voices…. Simples.

    Next time you hear your chap quote it, tell him you will make him a sandwich every time he satifies you sexually in bed.

    After your next session offer him a stale Ryveta with a pube on it.

  10. ^ what he said.

  11. Well… we still MAKE these sandwiches… just not to YOU 😛 *licks some crumbs and mayo off her fingers*

  12. WTF is a “real woman” or a “real man?” Aren’t we over THAT nonsense yet? I thought most people were cool with gays and lesbians–yet we still use this “real man” crap?

  13. The woman at the Subway counter will make you a sandwich. Pay her to do it.

  14. ^ But only if you’re fat. Isn’t that what you said about the Subway clientele?

  15. I hate you all.

  16. You’re sort of correct, Bacchante. I said that I only ever see fat people leaving Subway. I guess the skinny people either stay there until they get fat, or the fat people eat the skinny people.

  17. Haha!

  18. #9, mofo, while your plan is robust, there is a fatal flaw.

    “Next time you hear your chap quote it.” ⇽ he will be on the floor. and it will be fatal.

    I put it to you that no man I know would dare order me make him a sandwich.

  19. He’s not opening the door for her, he’s shutting her in it. She just doesn’t know it yet.

  20. ^she doesn’t know him yet, either.
    isn’t that the hillside strangler?

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