Sunday, August 19, 2012


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  1. I think it’s safe to say that Ryan wasn’t allowed entry because he was drunk, aggressive and not even trying to hide the bottle of rohypnol.

  2. Fail/Fagg

  3. toddvanhamburger

    I hope Ryan gets his ass handed to him next time he goes there.

  4. huh. young ryan really is quite the vapid cunt.
    surprised that the bouncers didn’t recognize him as one of their own.

  5. Vaginally Impoverished Prat

  6. I see where you’re going, but you can’t just throw ‘impoverished’ into that sentence and hope its gonna work, it doesn’t make sense

  7. This is basically a story about how one cunt wouldn’t let another cunt go sit with a whole bunch of self important cunts in a club full of cunts. The main protaginist cunt then got very upset that the other cunt had been such a cunt to him and so complained on Facebook. Turns out one of his cunt mates agreed with him that the original cunt had indeed been a bit of a cunt.

  8. love your work Mofo

  9. Berkeley Mike Hunt

  10. Obviously a fictional story, as Ryan is as white as lamebook is lame. And no self-respecting white person would talk like that, right?

  11. hes white fagg and fail

  12. Key words being “self-respecting,” Nails. Ryan is definitely not.

  13. Right? Oops, meant to add this to my comment: “(10)”

  14. still faill

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