Monday, September 14, 2009

Domo Arigato for this Gem


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  1. hey boz? about the alien thing- i hope the same thing. but i also hope that they don’t come across your comment and believe that EVERY human spelled civilization the way you just have.

  2. noht? NOHT?!

  3. Duncan = King Of The Thread

  4. not every human spells it civilization, but some actually do. I can never keep track of American versus British spellings (since in Canada we use both), but the z-s switch is quite common.

  5. guys, it’s the internet. No one knows you. No one gives a fuck if you can prove how smart you are and how excellent you are at spelling and grammar.
    This website is for the lol… Just laugh and move on! Stop trying to prove yourself to people that don’t know you!

  6. HAHAHA This chick goes to Piper High in Sunrise. I went there, no wonder she is so dumb and I got my education elsewhere.

  7. Wasn’t net talk created so that it was quicker to talk online? This saves nobody’s time. ‘Noht’ takes longer to type than the traditional spelling, and for those reading it, it takes twice as long to try and decipher what the hell they’re talking about.
    But I suppose this is noht Enqlish class.. THIS THA INTANET!!!

  8. And also, did she try and correct her spelling afterwards? I think she missed a few dozen other mistakes.

  9. Since when did “g” become “q”? Seriously.

  10. Why is it so difficult to type in normal, comprehendible English?
    This whole shortening of words and exchanging letters is giving rise to a generation of nearly illiterate fucktards.

  11. Sad thing is, some of the words in there were longer. How is “noht” useful at all?

  12. I hate myself for being able to understand that.

  13. why replace “of” with “ov”?? That doesn’t even make sense to me. I mean not as if the rest does, I’m just saying…

  14. Its one thing to be shit at english, its that youre inventing your own fucking retard language, when are they going to make it legal to lynch these stupid fucks so they dont continue their fucked up gene pool.

  15. Shut the fuck up you racist bitch Jo. Why doesn’t someone fucking lynch you?

  16. Kat, I don’t think we know what colour this person is… how is it racist… I want to lynch some stupid m-fers too.

  17. I think Jo has the right idea, before we know it what Kat said will become reality, we will have a race of morons who can’t form a proper sentence.
    Then and only then, would it be racism.

  18. fizzymacfizzfizz

    took me longer than it should to get what the fuck that girl was talking about

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